Eating out in Dundee – Loca Rita

This week, I tried the infamous vegan Mexican restaurant Loca Rita.

It is situated in the campus area, along the Old Hawkhill road. Right next to our famous landmark – the pyramid sculpture. The interior of the restaurant is small and cosy with a bright sign saying, ‘Don’t you know I’m Loco’. They have a bar as well if you want to try their drinks. They have a special cocktail everyday and this time it was frozen mango margaritas. Coincidently, the same one as the Mexican restaurant ‘Mas’ on Perth Road.

Since it was one of my friend’s birthdays, we did book a big table and I would always suggest booking since there are limited seating availability. However, weekdays are usually quiet.

I am a vegetarian, so their menu fit perfectly for my dietary requirements. They also accommodated for gluten free options. We ordered various tacos like the picture below. They were all for £6.50 and each of us needed at least 2. I ordered a Quesadilla and it tasted delicious (a bit heavy on the sauce though).

When comparing Loca Rita to Mas, I would prefer the latter. My friends also agreed but for them it was because of the variety of food on the menu. Since they are non-vegetarian unlike me, they preferred Mas’s menu. Another reason Mas was preferred was for their ‘two for Tuesday’ offers. Can’t deny that as students we love a good meal deal. However, keep an eye on their facebook page as they might release some offers.

When it comes to seating availability, I would say we have a better chance at Loca Rita. Secondly, if your friends are vegan, they would prefer this restaurant. As a vegetarian, I would prefer Mas’s menu. Even though with limited options, I like their spicy cauliflower tacos and quesadilla.

One of the best things about Loca rita is their amazing staff service. The staff helped us selecting our food choices and suggested about the food quantity. They even got us sombreros, that we of course wore during our entire meal and got pictures with. When it came down to desert, they suggested vegan churros that came with vegan ice cream!

I would suggest visiting Loca Rita and trying their unique vegan menu, especially when its located in such a prime student area.

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Hello ! My name is Nidhi. I am an international medic studying at University of Dundee.

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