Flat hunting – the bad, the tiring and the ugly

It is officially that time of the year again! Dreadful right? Right. As a person with anxiety, the thought of having to find a new flat (since I cannot stay in my current flat because it is just too big and expensive) is the thing keeping me up at night. It has gotten so bad that I mostly spend my time online searching for more flats, booking more viewings and panicking over locations and transport links.

If you feel the same as I then you know you’re not alone. At this point, I’ve become friends with realtors who keep repeating that I shouldn’t worry because “its still too early” and I have time. But time is not the issue, is it? Since both Dundee University and St. Andrews University have decided to accept more students while student accommodation numbers stay the same, landlords have taken it upon themselves to take full advantage of the situation and up the rent! Yay!!!

So every week these old, ugly flats get more and more expensive because the students need somewhere to live and student halls just charge way too much for us to live with strangers that will not clean and will host parties without your consent (most likely when you have assignments due as well🤠).

As someone who has experienced extreme xenophobia in student halls I worry even more at the thought of ever having to go back there. ‘So what now?’ you might ask. Well, after applying for three apartments in a row, offering loads and loads of money up front because I’m foreign and do not have a UK guarantor and getting rejection letters thrice, I must say I really don’t know what’s next for me. Fingers crossed my luck changes soon and I won’t be writing my blog articles next year from the street, hoarding the uni’s free wifi for dear life.

I hope you are having better luck in the world of apartment hunting than me. I will make sure to keep you updated in the tales of this over-exhausted second year undergrad. Till next time!

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