Rating the jobs I’ve had this year!

If you’re considering any of the jobs I will be mentioning, please don’t let my opinion/experience stop you from applying! Everyone has a different experience and just because mine were awful I’m sure that doesn’t mean that you will have a similar experience (hopefully).

  1. Professional cleaner

Nope. Nope. Nope. Never again. You might wonder why I even wait for it. So do I! I went for it because of a friend (that ended up quitting on my second day). I quit a week after I started. First of all, they took full advantage of the fact that I’m an immigrant and I got paid sooooo little. The hours were insane, with some days working well over 10 hours with minimal breaks. It was most definitely illegal to work as hard as we were all forced to work. My body was not the only one with numerous bruises and injuries. Just no. Completely inhumane and dehumanising. If you ever consider a job like that make sure there are clear standards of what is expected of you and fair pay/benefits!

2. Postal worker

Hell no. If only you knew what happens to your mail inside a sorting centre. If only you knew the conditions these people work under. I will definitely not be returning anytime soon. The money was really good though, so if you like standing for very long periods of time without a break, picking up heavy stuff and working midnight to 9am, this just might be for you!

3. Warehouse worker

This one I liked because of how chill the environment was. I was surrounded by 100% immigrants so everyone shared the same culture as me and it was easy to acclimate to the job. When you’re a female worker you will most likely be taken care of by the rest of the male workers since it is not at all common for women to work jobs like these. The pay is also very decent and can even be very generous depending on the day/occasion and how busy the warehouse is. Unfortunately I had to let go of this job because the environment got too chill. I was continuously sexually harassed and no one seemed to care to my complaints. I chose my dignity and left.

4. Hotel server

If you enjoy working with children under the age of 17 that are immature and will judge anything with a heartbeat, this one is for you! It pays pretty decently but the environment is very toxic and definitely wrecks your self-esteem. I lasted one shift and never came back. Always put yourself and your beliefs first. Don’t let anyone walk over what you stand for. Something better will always come.

5. Customer service in a clothing store

This one was pretty decent but once again, it is never good for immigrants in my opinion. While the job was easy, everyone took advantage of me and placed their tasks on my shoulders while they took extra long breaks or gossiped in the back room. It paid minimum wage but they often give raises once you reach a milestone (around half a year). My contract was only temporary during the holidays so I never got to experience the worker discounts, the raises or the uniform even (yes, all customers always assumed I did not work there because I was not even provided with a uniform). Would I go again? Maybe, if I got treated like they treat British people😃).

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