Movies at the DCA – a review

When it comes to watching movies, me and my friends always choose the DCA. After a bit of researched I found out that it is the cheapest choice for students, with tickets costing £5.5, with the next cheapest movie theatre having tickets for at least £8 plus a bus ride since all other movie theatres are in the outskirts of the city.

As far as movie selections go, the DCA offers a very small selection of movies, which in my opinion isn’t something too bad because they always play the big titles, such as the Batman, Spencer and No Time to Die to name a few.

The DCA has two screening rooms, a small and a larger one. The seats are really comfy and no matter where you sit you get a great view of the screen.

The DCA does not sell snacks however, but they do encourage you to bring your own from home! This is something I love because movie theatres usually sell very overpriced snacks and drinks.

So far I have watched:

The Batman

Death on the Nile

Nightmare Alley

House of Gucci



No Time to Die

I must say that I have definitely enjoyed the experience every single time and would wholeheartedly recommend you check it out if you want to save some money!

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