Eating out in Dundee – Heather Street Food

Dundee is becoming warmer day by day and is promising us with sunny days. I have been enjoying going out to Magdalen Garden and having extra-long walks around river Tay to get to Heather Street Food.  The infamous food truck located around the V&A had launched itself last summer where they received incredible feedback for their food!

Last summer they had a set menu that included dishes like halloumi fries and regular fries with various toppings as well as soft-serve ice cream. They even had a range of cold beverages like craft beer and prosecco. At the moment, their menu has changed since last time. Nevertheless, you can still feast on their infamous hot doughnuts served with different kinds of sugars and toppings (Nutella is also there).

They also serve delicious bagels with vegan and vegetarian options. I recommend pairing up these bagels with their locally roasted coffee or hot chocolate!

The entrepreneurs who came up with this brilliant idea are Chris Heather and Melodie Paterson, who are often seen in the truck. Their staff are super friendly and even help out if you are confused with the food choices.

Their price ranges are reasonable as 2 donuts cost £3.50 and 3 for £4.50! There are additional charges for the topping but it’s definitely worth it!

Keep in mind they are open from 10am to 5pm every day so you can always try it over the weekends. They do tend to close when there its bad weather so keep up with their social media pages. If you do go on and try, don’t forget to tag them in your stories as they sometimes share on their social media page.

If this article hasn’t inspired you to try their food, then you will definitely be tempted after looking at their Instagram – Heather Street Food


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Hello ! My name is Nidhi. I am an international medic studying at University of Dundee.

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