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Over the years in medical school, I have come across various online revision tools to help with my exams. Most of our foundation knowledge stems from our university tutorials and lectures. However, I have come across various online platforms that helped me consolidate my knowledge and gave me better clarity about certain subjects.

Here, I will share some of the online resources that I found useful when studying for my online medical exams.

Osmosis - New Pricing Announcement

Osmosis – I am visual learner, so I enjoy when topics are mapped out with pictures and flowcharts. I am able to memorize and understand concepts quicker. If you are a visual learner as well, I would recommend watching osmosis videos. They have a unique and comprehensive way to explain medical conditions that stick with you !

Passmedicine – I am sure you must have across this platform before. I tend to buy ‘medical student finals’ since they have more MCQs and a wider access to passmedicine textbook compared to the free version. After working through lectures and videos, you can work through MCQs and see how much you have understood. Exam style questions are one of the most useful tools to prepare for real life exam situation.

Medical Education » Dr. Najeeb Lectures

Dr.Najeeb Lectures – I came across his youtube lecture series when I was understanding renal and endocrinology topics. He lays out the foundation really well and goes through basic concepts repeatedly that help you understand the physiology and pathologies thoroughly. Highly recommend spending time on his lectures.

BMJ OnExamination | BMJ

BMJ Onexamination – This website also provides a set of MCQ questions as well as written questions. Their most useful tool is their comprehensive library of medical conditions. Their layout is fantastic where they take each condition and have explained its epidemiology, definition, symptoms and signs seen, investigations, differentials, prevention and lastly treatment plan. Abit on the expensive side but its worth it!

Geeky Medics | free medical student revision notes, OSCE guides & MCQs

Geekymedics – they cover medical topics and provide osce stations so that you can apply your knowledge clinically. For example, when learning about anaemia, its vital to interpret blood results to understand the type of anaemia the patient has. Both these concepts can show up in online exams and in osce stations.

Good luck for exams 😊

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Hello ! My name is Nidhi. I am an international medic studying at University of Dundee.

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