Northern Irish in Dundee!

Hi everyone, my name is Joanna and welcome to my first blog!

It’s nearly the end of my second year studying Law at Dundee University, which is hard to believe! I came to Dundee for the first time almost two years ago, from a small town in Northern Ireland, mid-pandemic, not knowing what to expect or how to prepare. Living away from home was uncharted territory for me, as it is for any student who decides to study abroad. 

But… it ended up being the best decision I have ever made! Studying Law at Dundee has opened up more opportunities than I thought possible: in just two years I have rented my first flat, learned how to cook chicken without giving myself food poisoning, joined a society committee, visited and interviewed at a REAL-LIFE LAW FIRM, met countless inspirational people in the legal field and made friends for life! 

I wanted to share my experiences of studying Law at University of Dundee for anyone who is thinking of coming here… or if you’re just curious! I know reading a blog like this when I was making UCAS choices would have been really useful! So stay tuned to hear more from me and what it’s like living the undergraduate life in Dundee!

I have always dreaded the “Tell me 3 interesting facts about yourself” element to meeting new people, but because this is a blog, maybe we can make an exception… Get to know me below:

  • I am from a small town called Magherafelt in Northern Ireland
  • I am 20 years old
  • I have one sister and three brothers (which seems like a lot but it’s actually very fun)
  • My best friend is my fluffy white dog called Alfie
  • I was inspired to study Law after watching films such as ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and ‘Legally Blonde’… but especially ‘The Bee movie’ 🙂
  • My favourite module I have taken was English Criminal Law in first year
  • I want to train to be a solicitor when I leave Dundee University
  • I would love to work in a big city like London or Dublin
  • My favourite food is anything Mexican!
  • I am the President of Dundee’s International Law Society after being their First Year Representative last year
  • I am really excited to start writing blogs and connecting with students!

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