How to look after yourself post exam season:

Firstly, congratulations – you did it! You survived another (or even your first) exam season at university. The weeks of sleep deprivation, extreme stress levels and running off energy drinks are behind you. There are now around 4 months, in which you can do whatever you want and enjoy the summer you have worked so hard for.

It is important that you look after yourself going into the summer and throughout the summer break. The summer break is a long period and for some, that period can be daunting and even stressful. The transition from constant university work and routine to freedom can be hard sometimes.

My friend and I, both found the week after our last exam an anti-climax. With no university work to do, we weren’t sure what we were supposed to do with ourselves. Not having that routine of studying can affect your mental health and make it difficult to get out of bed without a structured plan for that day. We both had that problem at one point in that week. It is important to recognise that this is normal, and it is ok to feel like this. You have gone from months of routine to no routine at all.

So I am going to share with you some of the ideas we came up with to battle this and make sure we make the most out of our summer. Firstly, summer is a great opportunity to start eating properly and not eating badly like a student (we have all done it at some point or another). Aiming for three meals a day can greatly improve your health and mood.

Secondly, make sure you aren’t cooped up inside your flat, like you were the entire exam period. Personally, I plan to see a friend and get out of my flat once a day. It makes me happy and stops me from falling back into that exam season slump of not leaving my room. A favourite hobby of mine post exams is sunbathing at Magdalen Green with my friends or boyfriend in which we have a picnic, paint, and listen to music. Whatever gives you that boost of serotine, strive for that!

The final thing that we came up with was the creation of our ‘Summer Bucket List’, as we are both staying in Dundee for most of the summer. I could not recommend this enough, make one for yourself or even with your friends. It’s a great way of planning what you want to do with your summer and having things to look forward to. Be that from daytrips around Scotland to weekly dinners with your pals.

Remember to enjoy your summer 😊

Written by:

Hi, my name is Rheia.

Here's a few facts about me:
- I am a second year English law student at the University of Dundee.
- I am 19 years old
- I am from Milton Keynes in England

Some things i like to do in my free time
- painting
- running
- cooking

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