Series I have binge watched this semester

Hiya! I am back and ready to inspire your binge-watching with my very own list of series I have procrastinated with this semester.

I recently gained access to my very own Disney+ account (thank you O2 <3) and so I really took full advantage of it.

From Disney+ shows I have watched:

Black-is – 10/10

This show is so binge-able! The plot is hilarious and somewhat relatable. Easily my favourite show of 2022.

Grown-ish – 9/10

The spin-offs always excite me and this one did not disappoint! It fully inspired me to dress better when I go to lectures, so catch me using the campus as my runway.

Criminal Minds – 9/10

While at points very scary, this show is sooo good! I genuinely feel like a profiler for the FBI now.

American Dad – 8/10

I did not know cartoons could be for adults until I binged American Dad. Fair warning: The first seasons can be found offensive! (Not sure about later seasons as I have yet to reach them!)

The Kardashians – 5/10

While I have never watched their previous show, KUWTK, I have to say this reality show just feels a little too staged. I have heard that the last show was way more “raw”, and I wish I could see that on this show too.

Now onto Netflix shows!

Chesapeake Shores – 7/10

Very family friendly and easy to watch. Would recommend if you need to cleanse your palate between shows.

Workin’ Moms 4/10

Nope. Just no. I do not find it funny or relatable, but rather super vulgar and it feels like it romanticises hating your life/children/job/relationship. Just not for me but maybe a show for a Negative Nancy.

Family Reunion – 9/10

I love chill shows that are easy to watch. This one is family friendly and pretty realistic!

Kim’s Convenience 9/10

LOVED it! Very sad it ended so abruptly. Great for those that like subtle humour!

Dash & Lily – 8/10

Super cute and feel-good type of show. Perfect binge during the Christmas season!

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