Don’t Worry Darling: My review

When I bought tickets to watch DWD, all I knew was this:

Harry Styles was in it

Olivia Wilde is his girlfriend

I went in fully unaware of what the movie was about or even the genre. Had you asked me before I watched it, I would have sworn it’s a romantic comedy of sorts. Boy, could I have been more wrong.

The movie in my opinion was magnificent. Yes, people made fun of Styles’ acting, but honestly I feel that’s because people always saw him as a goofy singer in cool outfits rather than an actor.

*spoilers ahead!*

His portrayal of a creep was genuinely so good that I could not believe my eyes that such a handsome man could be made to look so abhorrent.

The ending was such a twist that the crowd in the theatre literally gasped and honestly so did I.

I have not read the original story but boy oh boy I do believe this movie was awesome. You just don’t expect anything that happens to happen and everything leaves you in shock; one after the other.

You don’t have to be a fan of Styles, Wilde, Pugh, Pine or any of the super famous cast to like this film. It is mysterious and funky in all the right ways.

I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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