My all-time favourite TV shows

Today I decided to talk about my all-time favourite TV shows and my favourite characters in them!

  1. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a timeless classic for those who like to pretend we could fit in with the New York’s elite. From the beautiful designer clothes featured, to the plot twists we can only read about in Wattpad fanfictions nowadays, this show has it all. The one thing it taught me is that you definitely need to grow thick skin to make it anywhere in life.

My favourite characters are:

Serena – because while every fan of the show seems to hate her, I think she is the real winner again and again. Jealousy is a disease, so I prefer to side with Serena

Chuck – while generally a very evil person, Chuck fulfils every girls desire to experience a “bad boy” at least once in their lives. He is rich, rude and entitled. Could a girl ask for more?

2. Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn Nine Nine is the complete opposite vibe from GG. It is funny and mostly family friendly, with the cast portraying way nicer people than anyone could ever see on GG. It is set in very recent 2010s-2020s, so it in some ways extremely relatable to viewers. The characters are tight knit just like in GG, an element which I really appreciate in shows.

My favourite characters are:

Jake – for obvious reasons. He is extremely funny, he is Andy Samberg and he is a good guy. I have never met anyone who did not like Jake.

Terry – Terry is the guy who is ALWAYS there for others. I love the fact that he is serious when needed but very much a friend and a father figure when required.

3. The Vampire Diaries

A classic. You cannot go wrong with TVD. If only Nina Dobrev had stayed and not messed everything up for the show. Set in suburban America, it once again features a tight knit bond between the characters, as well as lots and lots of evil and drama. If you like teenage shows but super dramatic and supernatural, this is it.

My favourite characters are:

Stefan – this man has never not been there for others. He has never put himself first (heartbreaking) and he constantly fixes everyone’s problems. He deserved better than Elena.

Bonnie – female version of Stefan, need I say more?


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