Societies I am a part of and what they do!

This year I took a leap of faith and became part of three(!) society committees. I love creating posts and ads for platforms so all three roles are Social Media focused. I want to spread the word out about them and maybe if you’re interested you join us for a fun year!

  1. Route2

Route2 is a fairly new society, established in 2021. Route2 was created by law students for law students that are researching the job market and are not quite sure about what is out there apart from law related work. Our aim is to present a plethora of options and paths to our members with hopes to inspire them and maybe take away some of the anxiety that comes with how oversaturated the law market is.

2. Preventing Period Poverty

PPP is a charity society created to spread awareness and raise money to supply period products to those less fortunate than us, who require period products but cannot access them. We hold stalls quite often and with the help of the university, supply hundreds of period products yearly to all university students that want some! We also host fundraisers where we donate the money from sales to local charities or use the funds to buy period products and donate them instead.

3. Save the Children

STC is also a charity society! Our aim is to fundraise and advocate for children in need all around the world. Recently, we held a Thrift sale that raised over 470 pounds for STC. The committee and its members are a fun bunch that love fundraising and getting together weekly to discuss, learn and advocate!

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