Main Library: Friend or Foe?

I don’t know about you, but I came to UoD during 2020, when Covid was at its peak and we kept having lockdown after lockdown. Well, back then the library was always empty, calm, clean and you could actually get some work done without the people giggling at the quiet study watching a football match or tiktoks. I miss those times. Not Covid, but being able to be productive at the library.

I mean, the private rooms are still an amazing way to get cozy and focus on your academic work, but they are always booked days in advance and getting one has gotten extra tricky. Do you ask the people that have taken over the room you’ve booked to get out? What are the rules?

Here are my 5 things to remember when studying at the library:

  1. Tell the folk that took over your study space to get out. Like, right now.
  2. If you’re in the quiet zone, stay quiet 🤠 – if you need to call someone, just step out for a minute!
  3. Always take your trash with you, don’t be THAT person cause others WILL judge u, can your ego take that? Exactly.
  4. BOOK the place you want instead of making someone have to tell you to get out, they probably don’t wanna tell you but they DO wanna study
  5. Don’t make fun of the people that are sitting right next to you, they can hear you. Also, not classy and very childish. You’re here to learn, not show us you peaked in high school.😃

The library is definitely an amazing tool, so take care of it and respect those who want to utilise for studying!

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Your neighbourhood law student, taking on life one day at a time :)

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