A treat for aspiring Plant Scientists!

Plant Science is a fascinating field that needs a little bit of lure at the university level, depending on the Professors you get! Thankfully, here at Dundee, we get excellent researchers from the James Hutton institute to help us explore the world of plant science. So, from potato to barley and the staple arabidopsis, a range of plants make their way into your genetics curriculum during your third year.

You get to learn about many discoveries and meticulous reconstructions of different pathways in plants. But a natural feel for the topic only comes after you find yourself in the middle of a field – seeing the theory you believe in blossom to life! Luckily, I had a chance to visit the James Hutton in Invergowrie. During my visit, Dr Ingo Hein was kind enough to offer me a peek into his work on potatoes. (Make sure that you have an appointment with a researcher before visiting)

The Invergowrie branch is accessible by bus (frequency is usually hourly). Once you reach the site, you must report to reception to get your visitor’s batch!

The Hutton works on many plants and in various fields, from food security to plant epidemiology. Hence, there are many topics that you can explore depending on your interest and the researcher you get in touch with. So if you are studying at the University of Dundee and get an opportunity to interact with the researchers at James Hutton, your plant science interest will get a more significant push after a visit!

Thank you for reading!

James Hutton: https://www.hutton.ac.uk/

Dr Ingo Hein: https://www.hutton.ac.uk/staff/ingo-hein

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Hey! I am AditeeA, a third-year student of Molecular Genetics. I am from India. I love travelling, photography and reading. On my blog, I share many aspects of student life and discuss different things you can do in and around Dundee. I hope you find this fun and helpful!

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