Things to consider when picking a University that is right for you

Picking a university right for you while weighing the pros and cons of other influencing factors such as location, cost of living and commute time can be stressful, but here are some things I considered before confirming my offer with Dundee.

Program transferability
Program transferability is your primary focus. Therefore, before submitting my choices to UCAS, I made sure that the universities to which I was applying offered programs that transferred were valid in Canada.

Tuition Costs
Next, tuition costs. If you are an international student, tuition prices are something you must consider. From my research, most universities have tuition run-downs on their application site, which allows you to compare between universities.

Student Feedback
Contacting students currently in the degree you are considering will allow you insight into what it is like to be a student at the university you are considering. An excellent platform to consider contacting current students on is Unibuddy, which will connect you with students in your same program.

The Guardian Review
The guardian review is a ranking system that lists which UK law schools are considered the most applicable for providing skills when finding future employment, student satisfaction and overall curriculum coverage. It is worth a look if you are curious if students who have completed the program you are currently in have found employment and in what time frame.

Location and accommodation
Are you in a central city? Or are you in a city which requires more of a commute to the university? Will that commute be an issue for those 9 am lectures? When it comes to finding accommodation and commuting, they go hand in hand. Make sure to look at accommodations in the area before confirming an offer to ensure you are aware of the commute which may be required.

Cost of living
With the cost of living increasing significantly within the last few months, you will encounter it when finding accommodation and budgeting your finances for the school year. If you live in a smaller university town, accommodations are more affordable than if you choose a capital city due to location. Weekly food shops also tend to be cheaper and more affordable as well.

Picking the right university for you can be an intense process, but by considering the following factors, I hope you can choose a program that best suits you!

Written by:

I am Jacquelyn, a 24-year-old international student from Canada, currently in my second year of the accelerated LLB program at the University of Dundee. I am here to share my tips and tricks on tackling university and my experiences along the way!

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