73 Questions with a 3rd year law student

Inspired by the popular Vogue-style interview, I have gone ahead and prepared the questions (slightly adjusted) they have asked the UK’s most precious gem, Adele, to answer myself so you could get o know me a bit better!

  1. How is Sofia doing these days?

I am taking it one day at a time! I am trying to juggle my academics with a healthy social life, but most of the time I end up watching Netflix in bed.

2. How has been Dundee treating you these days?

I consider Dundee to be my second home and I am having the time of my life here!

3. Has there been anything you’ve learned during this challenging time?

Absolutely. I have learned that mental health should always be our first priority and that there is support when you need it!

4. How did you decide to study law?

I decided on law very early on in my life, primarily because I wanted to work on correcting the injustices people like you and I face in the world.

5. Is your mother a lawyer?

Nope! My mom and I are academically polar opposites, as she has a BSc and an MSc in STEM, while I always struggled with the sciences.

6. What was your favourite aspect of law when you first started learning about it?

I think the job of a lawyer requires a great skill set. Knowing how to properly argue a case is a skill that I have always wanted to acquire.

7. Do you still remember the moment you chose the University of Dundee?

Like it was yesterday! At the time, I only had two requirements. The first, was that I wanted a world-class education, and the second, was that I needed the city I chose to have a Starbucks close to campus so I could take my study breaks there. Dundee checked both boxes and now here I am!

8. Were you nervous to apply?

Just like any other 17-year-old, I was extremely worried about making the right decision, getting the grades and getting accepted. However, I always knew that one can always try again if things do not go as planned, so I was a bit more relaxed than others.

9. Do you remember what your 5 UCAS choices were?

I always struggle to remember all 5 but it went something like this: Dundee, Aberdeen, Leeds, Kent and Birmingham! My goal now is to actually visit these other cities and get a glimpse of what my life could have been.

10. Have you ever considered a different career path?

I actually have! I am passionate about a multitude of things and I have always known to keep my options open. I am very interested in content creation, art and fashion, as well as social work (to name a few).

11. What’s been the most surprising thing about living in Scotland as a Greek?

Well, I would definitely say that people will never ever say thank you to the bus driver in Greece! I’m pretty sure the bus drivers wouldn’t appreciate it either.

12. What’s an unexpected similarity between Athens and Dundee?

The volume! Even though Dundee is extremely smaller than Athens both population and size-wise, both cities are very noisy!

13. What do the Scots do that is different than Greeks?

Going out at night before 1am. The club isn’t even open at 22:00-23:00 in Greece I feel like.

14. So would you call yourself a typical Athenian?

Yes and no. I am very curious and adventurous just like many Greeks, but I am also more adaptable and willing to change up my routine, unlike many Athenians I know.

15. Tesco or Sainsbury?

Just like Adele, I would have to go with Marks & Spencers or Asda!

16. What surprised you the most when you began studying law?

How competitive it is! It feels like every day is an episode of Survivor.

17. Who was most nervous about you studying abroad, your mom or your brother?

Definitely my mom! But she also knew that I am quite the tough cookie so it was easy for my whole family to get over the anxiety quickly.

18. What was the scariest thing about moving abroad?

The fear of deportation. Especially since it was during Covid, I was travelling all alone, with my life packed into two suitcases and multiple plane changes, only for the border control to interrogate me for about 10 minutes because I looked suspicious to them.

19. How did you handle immigrating?

Like a champ! I felt like a child at Disneyland and I was honestly fearless. I wish I could bring that exact same feeling back, it was amazing.

20. What’s the best movie that you’ve watched recently.

Pretty Woman.

21. Do you think it is true that you can tell a lot about people based on the books that they keep?

Absolutely. I very much judge a book by its cover sometimes.

22. What does your life look like on a day-to-day basis?

Going to class, making lots of coffee and pot noodles and shopping to distract myself from the stress of it all!

23. What about during the holidays?

Oh, then it is mostly getting snug in bed and watching something wholesome, maybe taking a trip or two!

24. Which year would you say has challenged you the most?

My current year has been the toughest one for me, both academically and personally. But each week I feel grateful that it all is happening because it is a constant source of growth for me.

25. What words of encouragement would you share with other current/potential students?

You can take as many breaks as you need, guilt-free, but do not give up on your dreams!

26. How would you describe yourself pre and post-law school?

Before university, I was less forgiving of others and myself, but in many ways more social and outgoing. Now, I have definitely grown as a person but my circles are much tighter and I am more closed off.

27. Would you change anything about your experience here?

Not really. If I could play God though, I would change the people that surround me into a kinder and less competitive version of themselves.

28. Heels or slides?


29. Barefoot or crocs?

Crocs all the way forever.

30. What is your most iconic style moment?

Probably my prom dress back in high school! (pic attached)

31. Who is your fashion icon?

My mom! I would not know what to ever wear if she had not helped me curate my style over the years.

32. Who always dresses best for lectures?

Can I self-nominate?

33. What do you always take to lectures?

Water! I always feel parched in a high-intensity environment so better safe than sorry!

34. Favorite bag to take to class?

Always shoulder bags, never backpacks (no matter how much more convenient they are!)

35. What is the campus dress code?

There is never going to be one! If you prioritise comfort over style, wear your comfiest clothes! And if you don’t, wear your most flashy outfit! The campus can definitely be your runway if you want it to! People are always eager to compliment everyone’s style.

36. You’ve said this year has been the hardest. What has been the easiest part about it?

Putting myself first! For the first time in a very long while.

37. What was the most valuable thing you have learned from a lecturer?

Just because they are a lecturer, does not mean they are always right!

38. For anyone wanting to study law, what is the most important piece of advice to consider?

Be tough but don’t forget to be gentle too. Do what makes you happy and not what is popular.

39. What was the biggest difference between years 1,2 and 3?

Year 1 was riddled with the virus and a lot of grief, year 2 was the most liberating year of my life, and year 3 feels like adulthood!

40. What is the most exciting place you have visited while at university?

London! I will never get over how majestic London really is.

41. What is your favourite city?

New York!

42. Have you found any cures for academic anxiety?

Getting lots of sleep and talking to a professional if the work becomes a weight on your shoulders!

43. What is the strangest thing you have seen someone do on campus?

Probably lay on the grass and listen to loud music, but it really is not that strange I know!

44. Do you cry during assignments?

I did not know there was an option not to!

45. What piece of advice would you give to your 19-year-old self?

Take advantage of the time and opportunity that has been given to you!

46. Any advice for anyone beginning university?

Join all the societies you can! It is truly worth it!!

47. How has becoming a university student changed your studying habits?

It has only made them worse, to be honest. Nobody will scold you if you do not do the reading and that has given me too much confidence in my procrastinating skills.

48. What is the best advice your mom has given you about university?

Just enjoy it!

49. What is your happiest memory with your mom?

All the times we have spent cooking/shopping/travelling together!

50. Does she visit often?

Unfortunately not! Sometimes it is for the best though because it has definitely been beneficial for my character growth!

51. Why is it important to you to participate in charity work?

To me, it is the most fulfilling thing I can do. Nothing makes me happier to make a positive impact on people, especially those less fortunate who want a helping hand.

52. What word do your friends use to describe you?


53. I have heard you are the “mom” friend, is that true?


54. Can you rank your top 3 favourite spots in Dundee?

Umm, first would definitely have to be SweetPea Cafe in Broughty Ferry, then the benches next to St. Paul’s Cathedral and third is probably my rooftop!

55. What about your 3 favourite spots UK-wide?

There is nothing like Broughty Ferry to me, so that would be first always, then London as a whole and lastly central Glasgow (especially Bothwell Street).

56. Is travelling while in uni easy or not?

It really depends! But if you like quick getaways it is definitely manageable!

57. Do you use social media?

Not that much anymore. I used to be an avid user of Instagram but now I mainly open the app when posting for the societies I create content for.

58. If someone could narrate your life, who would you choose?

Probably Kristen Bell. If she can absolutely smash multiple seasons of Gossip Girl she can also narrate my life!

59. What is the most ridiculous rumour you have ever heard about yourself?

That I act the way most law students do 😉

60. Have you felt like you could not be yourself at university?

Absolutely not!! This place is one of the safest places for self-expression in my opinion. I only wish that was the environment of my previous schools too.

61. What is your proudest possession?

My bags! I love me a good deal and they are all such great bargains.

62. Prince William or Harry?


63. Zayn or Niall?


64. Taylor Swift or Lana Del Rey?

Taylor for life!

65. Destiny’s Child or Spice Girls?

Destiny’s Child even though they are both not from my generation ://

66. What is the most impressive thing about music from that era?

The outfits!

67. What is waiting for you in the future?

Who knows! Hopefully something good and positive!

68. Do you have a new years resolution?

To be more present in the now!

69. How is 2023 different so far?

It is definitely colder than I recall previous years!

70. Who do you think will be the next 007?

Can we bring back Daniel? Please?

71. What is your favourite song?

Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont!

72. Which song have you sung the most?

Probably something by Taylor Swift.

73. What is a stereotype about the UK that is actually true?

That the humour is different!

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