Sea of opportunities!

University is a time of endless opportunities, often we students don’t realise how much is available to us and how many events, workshops or extra activities we can attend. As a transfer student (I have changed my course from Product Design to Environmental Science) I’ve decided for myself that I will jump at any opportunities that I see. That’s why I have joined student bloggers, become a student representative and always try to attend as many events as possible both in and outside the university. This has been hugely beneficial for my studies and personal development. Last week, while scrolling trough Twitter I noticed that the Scottish Government is offering a workshop on climate policy. As this topic is very personal to me, I have decided to register and attend.

After few clicks to book my tickets I jumped on a train and went to Edinburgh. I went to Royal Society of Edinburgh were people working in government taught us how to you use scientific evidence to produce policies. All attendees were decided in teams where we investaigated official data and came up with possible solutions. Partially retrofitting older buildings for better energy efficiency discussing challenges and opportunities. This event was so enjoyable and so interesting that I am actually considering career in policymaking.

This is the moral of the story, If something is available to you, why not to try, you never know how it will change your life.

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Hi there!

My name is Nikita Mickevics and I am an undergraduate Product Design student at the University of Dundee.

If you are into arts & design, sustainability, and traveling you might find some interesting articles from me. Enjoy!

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