10 songs for your exam playlist

I made this list with my favourite songs that usually get me through all of life’s lows, hopefully, they can cheer you up too (or just make you vibe I guess). Good luck with your exams/final week assignments!!! You got this. 

  1. 3005 – Childish Gambino

Vibes are 10/10 with this one, so run to listen to it here

2. Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

T Swift did it again, with another exceptionally good song to vibe to (or play as background music while getting ready👀). Click here to listen.

3. Who’s That Girl? – Eve

The song to play when you check your grades in June and see you actually passed every module even though you doubted yourself every step of the way (too specific?) – listen here!

4. Jenny from the Block – Jennifer Lopez

This way to some 10/10 female empowerment vibes.

5. THE SNAKE – Lana Lubany

A very chill song that will definitely give you chills. Click here and enjoy.

6. Very Few Friends – Saint Levant

Iconic? Obviously. I really like songs that combine multiple languages and Saint Levant just checks all the boxes. You want French? Cool. Arabic? Slayed. Listen to this bop here.

7. Round 2 – Aitch

If you need a reminder that you don’t really need a degree to succeed, listen here.

8.  So Good – B.o.B.

A quick reminder that we’re all going to uni to be able to truly vibe with this song one day. You can listen to it here

9. Tumblr Girls – GEazy

10/10 vibes here as always. Listen to this bop here

10. Ice Cubes – Dounia

This one is by my favorite female artist and it will seriously make you a fan of hers in a heartbeat. Indulge your ears here

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