Blackberry and Dumb Money: My review of movies at the DCA

In the past two weeks I’ve had the chance to visit the DCA with friends and watch a couple of very interesting movies.
I had never heard of either coming out, but when I checked the DCA website for what’s playing, both of them peaked my interest and so the tickets were booked!
Here is my review of Blackberry, directed by Matthew Johnson and Dumb Money, directed by Craig Gillespie.

Blackberry – 8/10

I grew up in the generation that was not present in the peak time of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s obsession with the Blackberry phones, so it was super interesting to see what the craze was about and how it came to be.
The story of Blackberry is both inspiring and sad. It shows you that you cannot always trust the people that have been there for you in the past, because circumstances change and just like the market, friendships and relationships can very easily crash.
The movie shows us how the Blackberry phone dominated the market, when initially no Venture Capitalists saw the vision the creators had for it.
It is funny, quirky and definitely a pleasant experience!!

Dumb Money 10/10

It is very rare that a movie moves me as much as this one did. Set in the Covid times, this movie is based on a story I was intensively following back at the time. The cast is absolutely fabulous, and I doubt you don’t know most of them from other projects.
Dumb Money presents the power of the people against Wall Street and is an empowering piece, that serves as a reminder of the fact that we hold the power in our hands, so long as we want to.
I laughed, I cried and I got angry. I absolutely loved it!!!

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