23 fun things I did in 2023

Are you bored, looking for activities inspo or just nosy about what I did this year? Perfect. Enjoy this list of 23 things I did in 2023!

  1. Travelled to Rome for three days on a whim during reading week
  2. Ate authentic Mexican food
  3. Went to Broughty Ferry over 20 times
  4. Took advantage of the under 22 bus card and travelled around Scotland
  5. Visited London for 5 days (also on a whim)
  6. Explored Glasgow
  7. Went to random Dundee parks when it snowed and played
  8. Went to random playgrounds just to run around like a child
  9. Walked around the waterfront
  10. Got gelato in the winter
  11. Went to countless DUSA club nights
  12. Had my own radio show on DUSA radio!
  13. Wrote fun articles like this for the uni!
  14. Visited Loch Ness
  15. Went glamping!
  16. Spent time solving puzzles with my friends
  17. Watched multiple TV shows with my friends
  18. Tried to BeReal every day
  19. Took pictures of every place/thing that made me happy
  20. Got myself flowers every week
  21. Bought books to read for fun rather than for uni
  22. Donated my old/unwanted clothes
  23. Volunteered for at least 6 hours every week

What did you get up to this year?

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Your neighbourhood law student, taking on life one day at a time :)

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