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Diary of a Postgrad student – tips for group work

There is a good chance that you will be doing group work as part of your degree. This is where I’m lucky. I have had over 20 people reporting directly to me and I have run a call centre with over 500 people working in it. I’ve also had to manage people based all over […]

Mar 19

Why Dundee?

Dundee is definitely one of the smaller, more student friendly Scottish cities. It may take a little while to grow on you but I’m so glad I’ve gotten to spend my university days here. Everything in Dundee, is ridiculously close. This means you’ll be able to get from one end of town to the other […]

Mar 15

Am Stubborn, Will Travel

Let’s avoid homework, it’s more fun when due dates arrive. In December, I was lucky enough to have an old friend call me up and tell me to get my butt to Brussels.  Did I? You bet.  The farther away from highschool you get, the more you lose touch with people, but you get to […]

Mar 13

Free Shop

So you’re moving to a new place. Now what? Hint: You need things.  A lot of things.  Things you probably weren’t aware you were going to need. Things are expensive. Student life is great, but it isn’t always cheap or relatively affordable – especially if you want to eat something other than ramen a few […]

Mar 13

Netflix Recommendations

I’m always on the lookout for Netflix recommendations as that’s usually how I chill at uni, so here are some of my favourite programmes and films available on Netflix right now that I recommend to you all! Programmes: Any fellow history students or anyone who loves a good period drama will love Victoria and The […]

Mar 13

The Beast from the East

On the 26th February to the 4th of March, the UK was gripped by a ‘hysteria from Siberia’. Between UCU Strikes and the snow, any semblance of a normal routine was up in the air, and for some, the university seemed to grind to a standstill. What the extra time during canceled classes did mean, […]

Mar 10

My favourite places to eat and drink in Dundee

As I’ve lived in Dundee for 6 months now, I’d love to share some of my favourite places to eat and drink here! There are plenty of different places to eat and drink, all with different price ranges, which is very handy for us students who often have to stick to a budget but maybe […]

Mar 05

My Top Study Tips

With exams just around the corner, it’s time to rev up your study routine. This is the time we dread every year but have no other choice but to get through. Last year I wrote down some tips and hoped it helped you guys, so I thought why not continue the tradition.   Be the explainer. Explaining […]


Mar 04

Diary of a postgrad student – when the meltdown is not about snow

Well this week has been a little unexpected. I live far enough outside of Dundee that from Tuesday there was no chance of me getting in. Fortunately, from Wednesday there was no chance of anyone else getting in either. This means that there was no stats lecture on Friday, and no quiz (yay) but we will […]

Mar 04

Just Love_Dundee

Taking a break from my normal blogging style, I thought I shall do some promotion for a worthy new society which has just formed in our University – Just Love Dundee. I do not know how many of you have heard about this group, but I would like to start with some background to what […]


Mar 01

The ULTIMATE foodie guide to Dundee.

I’m unashamedly a self-confessed foodie.  I love trying out new eateries and researching recipes. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing that a hearty meal (or a late-night Dominos) can’t fix, and it’s even better when it looks so good its Instagram worthy. We’ve all been guilty of taking a quick snap of a particularly […]

Mar 01


The adventures that start along the line of “let’s make a bad decision” usually end up as the best stories. Have you had those adventures? You need at least one. Start by taking a last minute trip, one you didn’t see coming – could be to anywhere. Down the street, next town over, next city, […]

Feb 25

Feed Me

If someone ever tells you that food is boring, slowly walk away. They can sense fear. Dundee offers a lot of different cuisine, but it’s taken me some adventuring around to find the stuff I really liked. When you move to a new country, it’s always the food that can make or break your experiences, […]

Feb 25

Train tripping: what you should do this weekend

  What is up with this month? Where have all the past 23 days gone? I remember January lasting for what felt like half a year, then at some point February began and went by in a sneeze (kind of literally because everybody seems to have a cold). But it’s over! The days are getting longer, […]

Feb 23

Getting a Flat in Dundee

Recently I signed the lease on my student flat for my second year in Dundee. The process was incredibly easy and I’d like to share my experience to help anyone else thinking about renting a student flat or wondering what it’s like trying to rent a flat in Dundee. Firstly, there are plenty of letting […]

Feb 22

My favourite event on campus!

Holi is by far one of my favourite festivals. Think of it as a massive colour run, with loud music, dancing and just good fun.  Holi is the Indian Festival of Colour, celebrating spring, love and the triumph of good. Linked to multiple stories of Indian mythology, it’s steeped in culture and tradition. Of course, […]

Feb 20

Diary of a Postgrad student – maybe this is not my skill?

I’m starting to think that this whole academic thing is not my skill. I am really, really good at taking difficult and complex concepts and making them understandable by anyone. It’s something I’ve always been good at. I can take information and make it usable. I can get lightbulbs going off in people’s heads. I […]

Feb 20

Chinese New year 2018

I don’t know what you guys did past weekend, but the Dundee Singapore Society celebrated Chinese New Year 2018 with a grand feast and an awesome show! For those who came I hope the event was as fun as it was for us to organize it for you all. And for those might missed it, […]


Feb 18

Diary of a Postgrad student – my happy place

I live about 7 miles from Dundee. This means I also live about 7 miles from my nearest Starbucks. I have loved Starbucks since I first visited a US store some *cough* 20 years ago. The woman at the till greeted the guy I was with by name, and gave him his coffee for free. […]

Feb 14

Cheap Student Hacks and Budgeting

MONEY. It’s not everything, but make sure you have enough of it before you think as such. Luckily, being a student in the UK comes with a host of hidden perks and tricks that can save you a substantial amount of money and keep you off a diet of beans on toast. There are a […]

Feb 13

What is Chinese New Year?

Also known as Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year is undoubtedly the most important event in the Chinese calendar. Starting from weeks prior to the start of Chinese New Year, streets all around the world will be lined with beautifully-designed lanterns. Above it all, the excited chatter and laughter of people […]


Feb 13

Why on Earth would you study in Scotland?

“But… WHY?” two Dutch students who were in Dundee on an Erasmus exchange asked me last semester. We were talking about living in Scotland, and while they were enjoying themselves they thought 3 months was plenty of time on this side of the sea and wondered what possessed me to come to Scotland when I […]

Feb 07

Trip down to London Vol.2

I come from a small city in the heart of South East Asia (SEA) and in an ever-changing world, it is not more important now then ever to make sure there is harmony and peace in regions such the South East Asians Country. Its this thought which led the leaders of the 10 SEA countries […]


Feb 07

New kid in the block – DaiPai

As students living far away from home, it is always nice to have restaurants open with a promise to serve cuisine familiar to you. DaiPai is one such restaurant. They opened just a few weeks ago and I decided I go down to check out what they have to got to add to #fundee. Disclaimer: […]


Feb 07

Essay Writing Technique

As an English student, I’ve had to write a fair amount of essays in my time at university. I used to blunder through them, entirely unsure of where my argument was going, pulling quotations that seemed relevant from articles I’d never read. Where I might have produced a high-quality argument, I wasted more time trying […]

Feb 06

My taster session of Cardiology

It can be quite disorientating being thrown into an unfamiliar environment and being expected to perform. Work experience can be uncomfortable and difficult but it’s also where you finally begin to spread your wings and start to put all the pieces together. Being a medical student means that work experience is a careful balance of […]

Feb 05

Diary of a Postgrad student – I got a B!

Yay! I got a B for the final assignment I did last semester. So my first ever assignment I got a D and on my one at the end of the semester I got a B. So I learnt and I progressed. That’s all you can ask really isn’t it? And that’s the whole point […]

Jan 26

Speaking Up

Recently, a group of classmates and I found that we had some issues with the way one of our modules was running. For a while, we spoke amongst ourselves and discussed our concerns in private, until recently when we met with one of our tutors to talk things through. Now, discussions are underway to run […]

Jan 25


Do you know what a smear test is? No, neither did I until I was so ill I needed one but the GPs in my home village wouldn’t give me one. It was 18 months of fighting, being accused of sleeping around and constantly feeling ill until finally a gynaecologist saw me and gave me […]

Jan 22

10 Things You Need to Know about being a Medical Student!

I started out with some trepidation in September, but I’ve realised how much I’ve learnt and grown over the past year.  One of my reasons for taking up a BMSc was to take a short hiatus from medicine and I’m glad I did so, however I can’t help but slightly miss being a medic in […]

Jan 18