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TARGETJobs Future Female Engineers

In March of this year, I attended Future Female Engineers in the Arup HQ, London. This was my third time applying to Future Female Engineers (FFE), an event I saw advertised in TARGETJobs Engineering 2018 Edition. The idea of being surrounded by over 80 other female engineers excited me, so much so that I kept on applying […]

Aug 12

One Semester Left

It’s a joyous and wondrous thing, watching first years leave their little alcohol-bottle nests and go home.  Parents come in, hefting their hungover offspring into a small, too-full car and drive on their merry way. They’re done until the Autumn where they will be someone else’s problem, far, far away from me. Not us. We’re postgraduates! […]

May 24

Being an Artist

Frustration is having an itch you can’t scratch.  You know what I’m talking about – in my case, it’s art. I wanna do the thing, but I just can’t. The thing is broken.  Maybe you write – you want to, but you just don’t know what to even start with. Sports is your thing, but […]

May 24


I’ve been blogging for the university student blog for a little while now, it’s been a welcome change from my essays on patient cases, pathologies and biochemical cellular mechanisms. However, I’ve yet to post anything truly personal. I figured this would be the time to do so and share my thoughts on the academic year […]

May 09

Diary of a Postgrad student – Business vs Academia

I’ve come at my Masters in a different way. I spent 20+ years as a business consultant. I helped businesses improve. I trained people on how to interpret data. I ran a callcentre and was responsible for profit and loss. And then I did a Masters in Psychology and it has been a bit of […]

May 09


Protip: when booking a flight, make sure the dates are right.  Protip 2: when dealing with airlines, never forget that they are pirates. Got that? Cool. Go to Amsterdam. Started off in Scotland and had to make it to Southend airport, almost missed our bus to London, got stopped at the gate while boarding (I […]

Apr 23

Exam Time!

It’s almost time – the exam diet is about to begin! Don’t stress, I’m here with 5 tips on how to keep calm during exam time, and I’ll be updating you on my exam experience once my first ever university exam diet is over! First of all, get yourself organised well in advance. Make sure […]

Apr 21

#mealprep – Part 2

It is that time of the year, the library is full of students trying to cram as many facts as possible to make sure they get all the marks they can in their exams. As much as it is important to remember that differential equation (that you just can’t) it is also important to take […]


Apr 18

My Top 3 Exam Preparation Tips

Here is the link to a video where I go over my top 3 exam prep tips:    

Apr 11

Second Long Days

Needless to say, it’s been a busy semester. On top of the usual coursework and money-earning work, in December I took on the role of Head of Operations in DUSA Media’s Tay Productions. Week by week seems to have thundered by like an out of control snow plow (especially during Exec Election week when the […]

Apr 10

Diary of a postgrad student – a tour of our building

Come and join me while I show you the Scrymegour building and common room. This is where the Psychology department is based.

Apr 10

My First Year Review

I’ve come to the end of my first year of university and I’d love to share some of my experiences in a review of the year. Settling into living in Dundee was so easy for me. It seems like it only took me a few days to really get into it and feel like it […]

Apr 08

Why you should use the library in First Year

The library is a great resource available for all students at Dundee, but not many first years use it to their full advantage. Here, I’ll explain why I used the library so frequently during my first year of university and why you should too. Firstly, leaving your flat and going out to the library can […]

Apr 06

Best things about living in Dundee

If you’re new here or if you’re considering coming to Dundee, I’m here to tell you that Dundee is the perfect city to live in as a student, and here’s why: As a predominantly student city, it’s really safe as you’re surrounded by students from both universities. Both campuses are safe and big enough for […]

Apr 03

Diary of a postgrad student – the end…sort of

This is my “I’m-happy-my-exam-is-over” face. On Friday I had my advanced stats exam. I’ve always had an interesting relationship with exams. I kind of feel that by the time you sit down and do it, it’s too late. So there is really no point getting nervous. An exam is only testing what you already know, […]

Apr 03

Exam Woe and Worry

It’s that season again. Of long days in the library and longer nights binging on coffee (and Oreos) in order to stay awake that extra hour. This exam season will be slightly different for me as I’m intercalating, I’m exposed to an entirely different format of exams and the stress is kind of settling in. […]

Apr 01

Diary of a postgrad student – Exams!

I have an exam tomorrow. Exams are brilliant. All those tasks that you have been putting off, get done. Even scrubbing the cupboards with a toothbrush becomes more appealing than revising. Even writing a blog post… It’s a long long time since I had to do an exam, and quite frankly, I didn’t think I […]

Mar 29

Varsity and Conference Cup Finals

Throughout the academic year, I’ve been playing for DUWFC, otherwise known as Dundee University Women’s Football Club. On Wednesday 14th March we played against Abertay for Varsity alongside all the other sports teams of both universities, and on Wednesday 21st March we played against Abertay again in the Conference Cup Final in St Andrews! Sadly, […]

Mar 27


With the exams just around the corner, I am sure all of you will be engrossed completely in preparing for your tests and studying the whole day. But to ensure, whatever you are studying registers in your brain, good food is a MUST! But how does one cope with 2 months of lectures (that you […]


Mar 25

History Society Ball 2018

Tuesday 13th March 2018 was the History Society’s Annual Ball at Apex Hotel in Dundee! I had such a fab night and I’m certain everyone else did too. I thought I’d write a blog post about it for everyone who is considering attending a ball or to encourage you all to get involved in societies […]

Mar 24

Diary of a Postgrad student – tips for group work

There is a good chance that you will be doing group work as part of your degree. This is where I’m lucky. I have had over 20 people reporting directly to me and I have run a call centre with over 500 people working in it. I’ve also had to manage people based all over […]

Mar 19

Why Dundee?

Dundee is definitely one of the smaller, more student friendly Scottish cities. It may take a little while to grow on you but I’m so glad I’ve gotten to spend my university days here. Everything in Dundee, is ridiculously close. This means you’ll be able to get from one end of town to the other […]

Mar 15

Am Stubborn, Will Travel

Let’s avoid homework, it’s more fun when due dates arrive. In December, I was lucky enough to have an old friend call me up and tell me to get my butt to Brussels.  Did I? You bet.  The farther away from highschool you get, the more you lose touch with people, but you get to […]

Mar 13

Free Shop

So you’re moving to a new place. Now what? Hint: You need things.  A lot of things.  Things you probably weren’t aware you were going to need. Things are expensive. Student life is great, but it isn’t always cheap or relatively affordable – especially if you want to eat something other than ramen a few […]

Mar 13

Netflix Recommendations

I’m always on the lookout for Netflix recommendations as that’s usually how I chill at uni, so here are some of my favourite programmes and films available on Netflix right now that I recommend to you all! Programmes: Any fellow history students or anyone who loves a good period drama will love Victoria and The […]

Mar 13

The Beast from the East

On the 26th February to the 4th of March, the UK was gripped by a ‘hysteria from Siberia’. Between UCU Strikes and the snow, any semblance of a normal routine was up in the air, and for some, the university seemed to grind to a standstill. What the extra time during canceled classes did mean, […]

Mar 10

My favourite places to eat and drink in Dundee

As I’ve lived in Dundee for 6 months now, I’d love to share some of my favourite places to eat and drink here! There are plenty of different places to eat and drink, all with different price ranges, which is very handy for us students who often have to stick to a budget but maybe […]

Mar 05