• Everything 2020 taught me

    We’re well into a new year with January already almost at it’s end. I think it’s safe to say that so far it hasn’t been the new, clean slate we all hoped for. 202 wasn’t necessarily ‘the best year ever’ with many of our plans going down the drain and in general most of the […]

  • An Abstract Conversation about Mental Health

    Mental health. Now that we’ve all been plunged into another lockdown, it’s being mentioned a lot. Whether it be TV campaigns encouraging you to reach out to each other, or your tutors reminding you to look after yourselves, it’s impossible to avoid. So I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about mental health in […]

  • Christmas in Lockdown

    Christmas in Lockdown Happy New Year everybody! I hope you are all keeping well and had a great Christmas despite the circumstances that evolved at the time! I just thought I would pitch in a quick reflection of my Christmas and year. I planned on heading down to my hometown for Christmas, as always. The […]

  • New Year, New Me Is a MEME

  • Bye 2020

    New year, a new chance at a better year? After a very unusual 2020, for many 2021 might seem like a chance to do all the things we could not this year. But really, looking back, to me 2020 was one of my favourite years yet. Either way, I still hope you have at least some […]

  • Baking Inspiration

    I am the first to admit that I have a major sweet tooth, and probably spend way to much money on chocolate at the shops. This past semester, with more time in my flat, I decided to try baking more and thereby avoid storebought treats. I found a couple cookie recipes that I really enjoyed […]

  • Things you can do without leaving your flat

    My flatmate is returning back from home next week (hopefully no more flight cancellations…) and will be sending us both into quarantine for ten days. As much as I hate the thought of staying inside despite not actually having managed to travel myself, it had me wondering what I could do for ten days and […]

  • What is Objectively the Best Society to Join at The University of Dundee?

    Society life at Dundee is a bit overwhelming, tell me about it. There’s over 250 Societies to join! So how are you supposed to find the right one for you? Well, do not worry. There’s no need to obsessively flip through the societies booklet stunned. I am here to help. And my advice is that […]

  • Are You Coming to Study at The University of Dundee? Here’s Everything You’ve Got To Look Forward To…

    The University of Dundee is one of the country’s leading universities and is internationally recognised for its expertise in a whole range of academic fields from dentistry to engineering to medicine to art. But while Dundee might be a great University to study at, it’s also a great place to be a student! Just look […]