• Leaving home to go home: Thoughts From a Foreign Student

    For some reason, this take me by surprise every single year: Christmas. I don’t know what it is about the fall semester, but it seems to be flying by at the blink of an eye. Just as we’re all caught up in deadlines, exams and getting used to the days getting so much shorter, it […]

  • Game Night + Baking Cookies | Week 9

  • Highlands By Train

    Wanting to see some of the Highland’s majestic mountains, but not having a car? No problem. This post will look into options accessible by public transportation.

  • A UCAS Personal Statement Guide and Example

      For all of you worrying about getting into university and writing your personal statement, stop!  I am here to help with tips and advice into creating the best version of yourself on one sheet of paper! If you haven’t read my previous blog about “Being your own self and creating your personal brand” – […]

  • Being your own self and building your own brand

    I attended the Future Female Engineers event in London last Friday, I was introduced to an inspiring woman called Kate Taylor, who is a creative business, and life coach and mentor. Specifically, for the event I was attending, she was discussing what makes you, you; and understanding your “why?”.  This was for us to own […]

  • How to de-stress during semester time?

      With university, coursework, work, and applications for graduate jobs, the semester can be a very stressful time, often days don’t seem long enough. In for class at 9, finish class then go to study or have a meeting. Next, you need t go study and cramp 3 hours of studying into an hour and […]

  • Trips around Scotland

    Trip to Edinburgh/Aberdeen With Dundee only being about an hour away from both Aberdeen and Edinburgh, that makes day trips to two very different cities very possible. Something which I do regularly, almost every week! I got a railcard with my Santander student Account, which means this trip only costs 20 pounds return! View from […]

  • A week in the life of a law student

    Sometimes I study harder, occasionally I remember to bring a packed lunch to save money, and I’ve been known to go to the gym more. But what follows is an honest account of a typical week in the life of a law student.     Monday   8.30: Get off the bus outside uni and […]

  • Thinking About Studying Abroad?

    I am currently on track to be studying abroad next semester in Perth, Western Australia and I wanted to give a small overview about how I have found the application process for anyone thinking of applying too! This may not be generalisable to other host institutions but I’ll try my best. I applied to study […]