• Facebook Analytics Academy

    In October 2019, I attended a Facebook Analytics Academy in the London Facebook HQ. As expected it was a very hip and high-tech office with colourful interiors, vintage coke machines and game rooms. All the participants were given breakfast once we arrived, we had the opportunity to socialise with other attendees and there were unlimited […]

  • My First Semester in the Dance Club

    Throughout my university experience, I have focused on my professional and academic goals and have never made any commitments just because it was ‘fun’. Whist in first year I had the pleasure of going to one of the dance club shows and was really impressed by the quality of the production and talent showcased . […]

  • How I (attempt to) stay Organised at University

    My university experience has been packed full of events, part-time jobs, societies, competitions, the gym, projects and let’s not forget academics. In the busyness of my university life, I have had to create systems and habits that enabled me to thrive under my schedule. Here are some of the things that have helped me the […]

  • My Favourite Student Deals in Dundee

    One advantage of studying at Dundee is that it is a relatively cheap place to study. Accommodation is very cheap and the city is very walkable so I rarely ever use public transport. I would say that I use the night bus home when I have had a late night in the library or work […]

  • Target Jobs ITs not Just for the Boys

    (I’m featured in the video above!) In October 2019, I had the pleasure of attending TargetJobs ITs not Just for the Boys hell in the Bloomberg London HQ. I previously attended the Future Female Engineers event (twice) and gained a lot from it! I wrote a blog about one of the events here (insert link). […]

  • Sliding into Spring Semester

    After arriving from my winter break and catching up with work and courses, I joined the Uni’s Cycling club and headed for my first bike ride of 2020. 

  • How to start the new decade right

    Here we are folks, at the beginning of yet another year. The special thing this time around however, is that it is the beginning of a whole new decade too! You’ve probably seen a lot of the ‘new year, new me’ posts all over the place since January 1st. Perhaps youre just like me and […]

  • How to Shop Online Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks to Getting the Best Deal When Online Shopping

    With one hand on a computer and another on a credit card, the internet has set up shop, right in the comforts of your own university dorm room. If you can’t save yourself from purchasing a holographic jumpsuit that you’re only going to wear once, you can rest assured. You’ll know you’ll be shopping online […]

  • Being in Dundee Vs Being Home

    So many people seem to struggle with either being in Dundee or going home. A lot of us, including myself, become obsessed with the idea of how much more relaxed we will be when we finally get to go home for the holiday, but once we are there, we cannot wait to get back to […]

  • The ONE New Year’s resolution that you should be making…

    Hey there! Joanne here! 🐰 First and foremost, Happy New Year, Dundee! It’s been a blast! Here’s a little video about why you should really just drop your work before you drop from exhaustion. So basically— go to bed. Anyway, sorry about the “clickbait” title… but hey! It’s clickbait for a reason! I’m a bit […]