• 23 Questions With Caitlin Wallace

    I’ve just realised that I’ve never properly introduced myself to the blog! So, inspired by Vogue’s 73 Question Series (if you’ve not watched the one with Kim Kardashian yet, you need to get on it it’s a laugh a minute) I thought I would share 23 tidbits about me! What are studying at Dundee? I’m […]

  • My tips for freshers moving to university [part 2]

    Continuing on the theme of tips for moving to university, here are some more of my key tips. Remember that preparation is key to a smooth transition to university. The most important skill that you can build on before moving to university is your ability to cook. Cooking is such an important skill to have […]

  • Elements to consider as an International Student: Part 1

    Moving to another city for university can be daunting, let alone across the world. Through the process of uprooting my life in Canada and making the great decision to attend the accelerated LLB program at the University of Dundee, I learned many things along the way. Many of which, I did not even imagine. There […]

  • How to prep yourself for the upcoming school year:

    As the summer is beginning to wind down and the upcoming semester is quickly approaching, there are some things to consider to try and make your semester as successful as possible. Once timetables are released, I suggest purchasing an agenda to keep track of all your due dates, readings, seminars, and daily to-do’s. Or opt […]

  • Navigating Results Day Nerves, Clearing and Accepting an Offer!

    In the run-up to A Level Results Day, I have been thinking back to when I was a prospective student, filled with anxiety about my grades and where I would end up studying in the next few months. I am sure that some of you reading this are feeling the same, so I wanted to […]

  • My tips for freshers moving to university [part 1]:

    As we approach the middle of the summer holidays, with exam results looming, the thought of getting prepared to move to university can be daunting for many. So, I will be sharing some tips and advice for you ‘freshers’ who will be making that jump to university and leaving home. It is a significant change […]

  • Finishing 4th year!

  • Elements of Consideration: UCAS offers

    Deciding on which school to choose for your education can be a difficult endeavor, especially if you receive acceptance letters from your top five choices. But there are a few things that can be beneficial to consider when making your final choice. Look at the university and program reviews online. Most universities have student satisfaction […]

  • How to look after yourself post exam season:

    Firstly, congratulations – you did it! You survived another (or even your first) exam season at university. The weeks of sleep deprivation, extreme stress levels and running off energy drinks are behind you. There are now around 4 months, in which you can do whatever you want and enjoy the summer you have worked so […]

  • Northern Irish in Dundee!

    Hi everyone, my name is Joanna and welcome to my first blog! It’s nearly the end of my second year studying Law at Dundee University, which is hard to believe! I came to Dundee for the first time almost two years ago, from a small town in Northern Ireland, mid-pandemic, not knowing what to expect […]