• Summer Ball + Moving Out

  • Celebrating finishing third year…

    Having now finished my third year in civil engineering, it’s time to celebrate! The final task I had this year was a group presentation of my conceptual project to the lead engineer and the architect. A grueling task with tons of hard questions! What’s next? First I am going to celebrate, I’m flying to Madrid […]

  • Time Management (Note to Self)

    In my third year at university, starting in September, I will have quite a lot on my plate. I’m hoping this blog post will serve as a guide to others as well as a note to myself to remember how to manage my time next year! So, from September I will be: treasurer of the […]

  • My Favourite Things I’m Involved in at Uni!

    As it’s almost the end of my second year and third year is when everything gets real, I thought now would be a nice time to reflect on some of the things I’ve been involved in at uni and what I love about them! They aren’t in any particular order but I would strongly recommend […]

  • Third-year is almost done…..

    Having now handed in all my laboratory reports, essays, and conceptual project and completed my two exams I have almost finished my third year of civil engineering. All I have left is my conceptual project presentation on the 1st of May. I will be on the first flight from Edinburgh to Madrid on Thursday for […]

  • Campus life at the University of Dundee

    One of my favourite things about Dundee is the city campus, not only is it small and compact with lots of quiet green spaces it is also next to the centre of Dundee, this makes student life extremely easy as you don’t need to take a bus anywhere! Its so much of a student city […]

  • Transforming Lives

    The University’s core purpose, and something I recently applied in practice.

  • Making a Show

    The Dundee Uni Photography Society recently held an exhibition for its members.

  • If you don’t visit Helsinki your vacation remains un-Finnished.

    I love travelling.  There is something refreshing by default about setting out to explore a new country or even a city just a few hours away. Travelling is a luxury; it costs time and money both of which are in short supply when you are a budgeting university student. But where there’s a will there’s […]