• Making a difference, actually.

    Ecology is a topic that got a lot of coverage last week. Unfortunately, many of the talks were fundamentally broken, again. Like when people go demonstrate into the local downtown with vague banners like “BAN ALL FOSSIL FUELS NOW.” – It is no different than to demonstrate with slogans such as “Stop organized crime by […]

  • About Societies, how they help international students and a great new event

    As an international student, I can sometimes feel detached from my own culture, while being abroad and that is where the different cultural and national societies help a lot. During these few months I’ve been in Dundee, I never felt alone in another, unknown country, exactly because I have these international societies to help with […]

  • Preparing to Study

    It’s that time in the academic year when, if you have any exams this semester like I do, you’ll be thinking of your revision preparation sometime soon. I thought I’d share some of my revision and general study tips for this reason! If you’re lucky enough to not have any exams this semester, hopefully you’ll […]

  • Project Interim Review Stress

  • Entrepreneurship Week 2019

    As entrepreneurship week has just passed, I thought I would use this opportunity to reflect on the weeks best bits and what I learned both working at the Center of Entrepreneurship and as an attendant of the events. But first what is Entrepreneurship week. Entrepreneurship week is run and organized by the Centre of Entrepreneurship, […]

  • All Seasons

    Experiencing snow, sun, nature, and culture during another trip of UoD photographic society last Sunday.

  • Mental Hygiene

    As the deadlines for the spring semester loom upon students, it can be challenging to stay cheerful at all times. Yesterday was the University Mental Health Day, which helped a bit. Here’s what I was up to.

  • Highlands Magic

    Experiencing spectacular conditions while climbing the majestic Ben Oss.

  • Tay’s Tributaries

    The river Tay, on which Dundee is based, has the largest discharge in the UK. It is fueled by streams all over the lower region of the Highlands, and thanks to the local landscapes, they often have some nice waterfalls on their way. Waterfalls are great to try out techniques like long exposure in practice, […]