• University of Dundee Halls: My Honest Opinion after almost 3 years of living in them!

    I find my living space to be very important to my health and wellbeing and I know a lot of other people who feel the same. So, when coming to the university, the space that I am going to live in is one of the building blocks of the decision I make. As a student […]

  • A Careers Service: What’s the Benefit?

    Upon coming to the university, I knew I wanted to gain as much experience as I could throughout the journey. I wanted these experiences to help me understand what I enjoy doing, develop my skills and make me more appealing to employers – if that was the route that I decided to take. Not long […]

  • The Sole Ranger

    Loneliness. A hallow feeling that echoes as two solemn eyes stare out into the grey nights. It comes in waves, creeping and slithering through life. Enveloping every bone, striking to the core of our soul and devouring the dancing lights of festivities. Everyone experiences it; everyone sees it, however sometimes we fail to acknowledge it. […]

  • Exploring Beyond Dundee (Lake District)

    I love being outdoors. The sun. The warmth (JK this is Scotland).  The stunning views.  Almost comparable to an evening in bed with Netflix and Domino’s. In all seriousness, the one significant drawback of medicine is that I wish I had more time to do things like that I really love and take a moment to […]

  • Shows of 2018 To Catch Up On

    We all know the feeling of having weekly episodes of your tv show to watch but having to force yourself not to because you have studying to do, or an assessment due. Scrolling through your social media and having to flick past any spoilers because you are still a few episodes behind. Sticking your fingers […]

  • University Christmas Dinner

    There is one day left, you’ve got this! If you have finished your exams, congratulations, hopefullly they went well and you are enjoying the start of your holidays. If you still have work due in, or an exam today, Good Luck! No matter when you finish, it is always a nice idea to celebrate with […]

  • Easy ways to save money at University

    University can be expensive, with the cost of textbooks, living and socializing. With the average student funding, not covering the cost of residences in university here are a few tips on how to save money. I work two jobs and university and enjoy socializing with my friends, traveling and eating good food which can be […]

  • Ho! Ho! Ho! The Holidays are here! (almost)

    I am sure, for most of us either we are done or almost done with our exams. First of all, good job! Hope you are kicking back and sipping that hot chocolate that you so rightfully deserve. But for those, who have yet to finish your tests….I am sorry but this post is may not […]