• Baby it’s Cold Outside

    The winters in Scotland can be brutal, especially if you’re an international student from a warmer climate. I know it can take some adjusting to however, fear not! There are lots of things you can do to make winter your favourite season of the year. Fuzzy/Cosy/ Electric?! blankets are a must.  You can easily pick […]

  • Eating Vegan in Dundee: The Ultimate Guide

    You know what’s great about living in a student city? The city centre keeps up with all the trends. And even though you might be a long-standing vegan like me, we gotta admit that veganism is trendy right now! Which means that Dundee, has turned into a vegan heaven.  So I’ve decided to list the […]

  • Dundee University China Exchange

              The University of Dundee offers an opportunity for students to take part in a summer school hosted by the Eastern Chinese University of Science and Technology (ECUST). This 8-week program based in Shanghai allows you the amazing opportunity to see not only what Shanghai has to offer but also Nanjing […]

  • To the International Student

    September 3rd 2017, boarding a highly anticipated plane, gripping the stained handles of a rather matured piece of luggage. A nervous smile, tears glistening in stubborn eyes. “Yes I want to move to Scotland”. “Yes I love Dundee”. “No I am not scared”. Words that still echoed in earlier conversations with distraught parents as they […]

  • Room tour

  • Exploring Dundee

    Dundee is officially promoted as “One City, Many Discoveries,” and since one of my mottos is to make the most of the place I am currently staying in, I took it as a challenge. Here’s a list of cool places I discovered so far:

  • Weekend at Home

    It was my 20th birthday last weekend so, once all my classes had finished on Friday, my boyfriend and I hopped on the train down south for celebrations! One of my favourite things about going home during term time is getting the chance to chill and completely forget about all your responsibilities at uni. It’s […]

  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can get a pizza.

    If you’ve read any of this blog my main motivations are pretty clear. If you haven’t already grasped this forgive me for being too subtle. Food. Food makes me so happy. As far as food goes there isn’t much else better than pizza so you can imagine how excited I was to try yet another […]

  • Halloween 2018

    Halloween is one of the most anticipated night for students. In Dundee, DUSA holds their annual Halloween party. This year it’s on a Wednesday. However, there is most than DUSA for the student; with clubs hosting rival parties. Dressing up is clearly what makes Halloween. With several fancy dress shops and multiple parcels arriving the […]

  • When things get tough – Part 2

    In the previous post, I shared about what and why we should know and talk more about mental health. And I truly hope it was helpful for anyone of your who read it. In this post, I would like to pick up where I left and discuss more about what we can to do to […]