• Saturated Outskirts

    Finding greenery beyond the city limit.

  • How the University of Dundee can support its Black Community

      This video is a constructive guide on how the University of Dundee can better support its black community. If you would like to talk about these suggestions more you can email me at s.n.anani@dundee.ac.uk You can find out more about research that the university has done on this topic here: https://sites.dundee.ac.uk/blackatlanticresearchdundee/ You can also […]

  • Environmental Impacts of COVID-19 and Global Lockdown

      As many of us are aware and concerned for the environment around us, climate change is happening all over the world. There is at least one positive the pandemic has brought us – and that is the rest and relief our planet has had from constant pollution due to human activity.   Positive, indirect […]

  • Working on your CV during COVID-19

    Every year I spend a couple of hours per week applying for internships, networking and working all with the goal of improving my CV and graduate job prospects. This year I had been extremely lucky and got two internships, due to the corona virus pandemic understandably one has been cancelled and the other is on […]

  • Post-Exam Activities

    It has been a couple of weeks since my last exam of the year, a day I long waited for. Since then, I promised to keep myself busy and to have fun with the time I had off. I had prepared a list of things to do once I was finished studying, and I can […]

  • Cooldown in Lockdown

    How I got to swim in the North Sea.

  • 10 Tips for Surviving the 1st Year of Dental School

    Let me start by saying congratulations on getting your offer for dental school! You have worked so hard to get to this point and I appreciate the difficulty of having to study so hard to get the grades, nail the UCAT exam and ace your interview to get an offer, so well done! You’ve made […]

  • The Centre for Entrepreneurship

  • Going green?

    6 easy tips for making your summer life greener! If you’ve ever thought to yourself that it is about time to start living a more sustainable life, here are 6 easy steps for you to start doing so this summer! Going green can reduce your expenses and lead to a healthier lifestyle for you, your […]

  • My lockdown reading list

    If you’re like me and used to be such an avid reader before starting uni, this post is for you. I used to go through book after book in no time. Reading 5 novels within a week? No problem. This changed quite a bit, however, when I started university. When reading so much daily, not […]