• Shotz Pool and Snooker Dundee

    The perfect place to unwind and forget about those creeping deadlines doesn’t exist? Or does it? Let me introduce you to my favourite place – Shotz Sports Bar. This hidden gem is only a 5-minute walk from the main campus and has a multitude of fun activities that you and your friends can partake in […]

  • Shopping for groceries on a £25 budget

    Hi guys. I wanted to show how I shop on a budget in Dundee.

  • Recipe for Chili Pasta Bake

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share this quick recipe for Chili Pasta Bake. This takes 45 mins in total to make (30 min preparation and 15 min in the oven).

  • My favourite 10 things about the University of Dundee

    1. The Liar The Liar is located on the first floor of DUSA, offering a range of drinks, snacks, and entertainment options. During the day, the venue is a quiet space where students and visitors alike can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, meet friends or colleagues, and sit down comfortably to study or work. […]

  • Exploring the best cafes for studying in Dundee: A student’s guide

    The Flame Tree Café Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5) Nestled near Dundee’s waterfront, The Flame Tree Café offers a serene and relaxed atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for studying. With its cosy seating arrangements and friendly staff, the café provides a quiet environment conducive to focused work. Additionally, the scenic views of Dundee’s waterfront can offer […]

  • My favourite places for a post-study late-night snack

    McDonald’s Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5) When the hunger pangs strike during the late hours, few places rival the convenience and popularity of McDonald’s. With its extended operating hours, diverse menu options, and quick service, McDonald’s has become a go-to destination for late-night snacking. With such a vast selection, you can customise any item to just the […]

  • NEC cards – what are they and how do I get one?

    On January 31st 2022, a new bus scheme began for Scottish citizens under the age of 22. The free bus scheme comes through the National Entitlement Card (NEC) which you can apply for here. What is it? An NEC card is a few things! It is a valid form of identification in the UK, it […]

  • Answering 21 random questions because I turned 21!

    I turned 21 two months ago so I decided to answer 21 super random questions I found online, because why not? Knitting! Seems really relaxing and interesting. I prefer half-full but it is usually half-empty. Biology + Math and yet here I am studying law hahah Hmm, maybe fly in the cockpit? Coffee!!! and maybe […]

  • 10 songs for your exam playlist

    I made this list with my favourite songs that usually get me through all of life’s lows, hopefully, they can cheer you up too (or just make you vibe I guess). Good luck with your exams/final week assignments!!! You got this.  Vibes are 10/10 with this one, so run to listen to it here.  2. Bejeweled […]