• How to look after yourself post exam season:

    Firstly, congratulations – you did it! You survived another (or even your first) exam season at university. The weeks of sleep deprivation, extreme stress levels and running off energy drinks are behind you. There are now around 4 months, in which you can do whatever you want and enjoy the summer you have worked so […]

  • How to survive exam season 101:

    No one enjoys exam season, at least no one that I know. The weeks of stress and anxiety, sleep deprivation alongside constant questioning of ‘am I doing enough work?’, in the run up to the exam can be extremely overwhelming. This blog will not help you pass your exam, that’s not its purpose. But it […]

  • What’s it really like to study law at the University of Dundee ?

    As exam season looms for many A-level and Scottish Higher students, the question that arises is ‘what’s next?’. I remember that feeling of the unknown, the stress and anxiety about where I was going to university, let alone what that meant. I never imagined starting university in the middle of a pandemic. It was very […]