• Climate actions I want to see at the University of Dundee

    Last week a number of students from the University of Glasgow have locked themselves on to the Memorial Gate to demand the University implement the Green New Deal. Unfortunately, our University and DUSA do not have any clear plan of actions either to deal with the climate crisis. Even though DUSA is claiming to work […]


    The United Nations Conference on Climate Crisis will be held this Autumn in Glasgow.  This means that 20,000 delegates including world leaders from across the globe will come here to Scotland to try and tackle changing climate.  The decisions from this conference will essentially affect every single person around the globe.  However, not everyone is […]

  • My favourite destinations near Dundee

    The reading week is quickly approaching and now is a perfect time to find a nice destination to plan a trip to. Now that the pandemic is not over why not look at some places around Dundee? Some of my favourite places in Angus, Fife, and Perthshire are easily accessible and very affordable. And what’s […]