• 23 fun things I did in 2023

    Are you bored, looking for activities inspo or just nosy about what I did this year? Perfect. Enjoy this list of 23 things I did in 2023! What did you get up to this year?

  • Affordable meals for students on a budget

    I know how hard it is to budget properly when you’re first starting university (or even after uni!). Not only do you have to learn to spend your money in a responsible manner, but as of recently students all over the country have had to learn to manage their money even stricter because of the […]

  • How to: Cook at home, student edition

    Uni is back and we’ve all moved in with our flatmates. I personally started to panic about meals, since my schedule is always so over the place and I cannot meal plan for the life of me. So what now? I will let you in on a (not so) secret: meal prep services are your […]

  • Blackberry and Dumb Money: My review of movies at the DCA

    In the past two weeks I’ve had the chance to visit the DCA with friends and watch a couple of very interesting movies. I had never heard of either coming out, but when I checked the DCA website for what’s playing, both of them peaked my interest and so the tickets were booked! Here is […]

  • 10 Songs to Help You Vibe Through Assignment Deadlines

  • Things to consider prior to moving in with other students

    As the new year approaches, a lot of students will begin to think about getting a flat for next school year. It’s really difficult moving in with people you don’t know, especially when you have to organise it without the help of your university or a specialised accommodation company. Here are some questions to consider […]

  • 5 TV shows to binge-watch this weekend

    If you or your friends are still battling with freshers flu and you cannot meet up to hang out, fear not! There is a Google Chrome extensions called Teleparty, (previously Netflix Party), and TwoSeven. Teleparty lets you stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO content while also letting all users chat, pause and rewind the movie or tv show. […]

  • Five things to do in Dundee this week!

    We all know the academic year has started with a bang, so why not take some time for yourself this week and do one (or all!) of the things on this list. The DCA offers discounted student tickets, plays famous and independent films and has wonderfully sweet staff that are there to answer any and […]

  • NEC cards – what are they and how do I get one?

    On January 31st 2022, a new bus scheme began for Scottish citizens under the age of 22. The free bus scheme comes through the National Entitlement Card (NEC) which you can apply for here. What is it? An NEC card is a few things! It is a valid form of identification in the UK, it […]

  • Answering 21 random questions because I turned 21!

    I turned 21 two months ago so I decided to answer 21 super random questions I found online, because why not? Knitting! Seems really relaxing and interesting. I prefer half-full but it is usually half-empty. Biology + Math and yet here I am studying law hahah Hmm, maybe fly in the cockpit? Coffee!!! and maybe […]