• Year 1 recap and wishes for the next year

    I cannot believe that, as I’m writing this, I have (hopefully) finished my first year of university! Time just flew by so fast, I feel like I had no chance to realise what was happening around me. Quarantine definitely had an impact on my life as a student, but Dundee still managed to soften the […]

  • Cheap meal ideas for students on a budget

    I know how hard it is to budget properly when you’re first starting university (or even after uni!). Over my first year I found a way to save some money while cooking meals, and I thought this could really be helpful for people looking to eat well but not break the bank. I will try […]

  • How to choose the perfect student flat

    Apartment hunting season has officially commenced!🥳 What that means is that you are all probably as stressed as I am. I know it can be tough so I am here to give you some (hopefully useful) tips! Look for HMO flats: Now this is something that I did not know existed in the UK when […]

  • Why choose UoD?

    “Why Dundee?” a lot of my friends and family asked me when I told them I was firming the university on UCAS. This was always an easy question for me to answer. Because my heart said so. And the stats were amazing. Rated #3 and #4 for law by The Guardian in 2019 and 2020 […]

  • Travelling in the age of COVID-19

    Travelling has always been an anxiety and stress inducing thing for me, that has only worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Flights have gotten cancelled, hotels rooms have gone un-refunded, and Sofia has gone mad :/ Here are my tips to avoid all the mistakes I’ve been making the past few months, so that hopefully your […]

  • How to: Move out, the guide

    I am sure everyone, including me, is currently stressing over exams, assignment and potentially, moving out. That’s why I decided to make this short and easy guide on how to move out, hassle-free. Here’s what you will need: Boxes and/or bags for packing Tape, lots and lots of it Permanent marker(s) Padlock, if your storage […]

  • Easy ways to help the environment

    Seeing how climate change is negatively affecting our everyday lives motivates me to become a better person who can make small positive changes that in the long term, and with the help of others, can make a big difference in the future. I thought it would be a good idea to share my three little […]

  • 5 countries you can visit on a budget

    With the COVID-19 vaccine out and ready for to be distributed, the world is giving us some hope for a Summer 2021 or at least Easter/Summer 2022 vacation with your friends or family. If you are anything like me and you like to be the one making the bookings for your friends, here are some […]

  • 5 Books you can read during Tier 4 lockdown

    Here are a few of my favorite books that I recommend to all my friends 🙂 Looking for Alaska by John Green  This book is in my opinion the best one by John Green. It accurately represents teen love at its best and worst. It does not shy away from subjects such as drug abuse […]

  • Goodbye 2020 – A letter to the year that changed it all

    Dear 2020,  You were a pain. Plain and simple. You gave me mixed feelings since the moment you came in. I had hopes you’d bring much needed change in my life; and you did, just not the kind I was expecting.  You took two really important people away from me, and now it’s your own […]