• Photography tips for beginners (Using your phone)

    Photography has been an exciting medium of expressing a perspective through the world around. For me, photography is about exploring the content and perspective with minimum filter and edits. But it is not always easy to get the right click, so here are a few tips for beginners: Decide on the story that you want […]


  • Note taking hacks for life science students

    At times it isn’t easy to take notes through the endless resources you have been directed to after a lecture. So here are a few tips that might help you: In such a case, the most important thing is to read through the course textbook thoroughly and then skim through other resources that have been […]

  • How to approach programming as a student of Life Sciences?

    In the modern scientific world, there is no line of distinction between life sciences and technology. Fortunately, the courses available at the school of Life Sciences allow us to explore and use technology through a much useful tool- programming. It cannot always be easy to suddenly turn towards programming while dealing with biochemistry, but once […]

  • Dance- a journey towards euphoria (Personal account)

    For this blog, I wanted to share a personal experience. It is about my emotional journey with the art form.We all have that one point in life where we reach the lowest; for me, it was being diagnosed with liver tuberculosis. Although I was losing every bit of hope by the day, one ray of […]

  • A Quick Guide for Courses in Life Sciences

    As a high school graduate exploring the courses in Life sciences offered here at the University of Dundee, I had many questions regarding the degree. I am sure now as you plan to explore this University for a course in life sciences, you might have a few of these questions too! I believe that getting […]

  • Nostalgia – a road to new horizons

    After a long and busy week, things seem to fall apart over the weekend. Although you can enjoy your weekends with your flatmates and Netflix, it can get repetitive and depressing. As an international student during the current restrictions, it can be challenging to stay positive when away from home. Still, you cannot let it […]

  • Cooking Diaries (Student edition)

    Being a foodie from India, enjoying a variety in my meals always motivated me, and yet, just like you, I was worried about the time I would spend on cooking/washing up. Fortunately, my fear was not valid. The key to enjoying a variety of healthy meals lies in efficient weekly planning. Every weekend, I look […]

  • Surviving through the first semester

    Managing workload during the first semester as an undergrad can be overwhelming, but is there a way out? As a molecular genetics student myself, I remember the first few days of my first semester packed with anxiety and piled up work. Although I never procrastinated much in high school, university life was getting at me. […]