• Four things to think about when writing your personal statement

    There’s a lot of guides out there about personal statement writing and what you should and should not include, but I thought it might be good to share my experience about the writing of a personal statement. Maybe you’ll learn something new today, or nothing at all, that’s fine too. The most important thing is […]

  • Quarantine survival

    It’s the evening before our last practical exam, five days before I get on a train home… When suddenly a text message appears, informing me that my flatmate has Ye Olde Plague COVID. And that is how I ended up celebrating Christmas in my student room. As I am naturally restless and need to keep […]

  • Three Life lessons from Finals Week

    1. Viva examinations are terrifying, but it’ll be fine. As a former teacher, I wasn’t particularly worried when I heard that my anatomy module had an oral examination. I’ve spent a year teaching classes filled with 30 teenagers, what could go wrong with a viva? It’s just two very capable and knowledgeable adult humans who […]

  • Arts and crafting through uni

    For someone with a paralysed upper limb, I am ridiculously bad at keeping my hands still. I always need something in my hands. Whether it’s a crochet or cross stitch project, a pen to doodle, just something to fiddle with… Don’t make me sit and just listen. I am like this when I’m in a […]

  • Juggling

    Doing one thing at a time bores me, it leaves me empty and hollow, it’s like I’m missing something. That’s why I like to juggle. Working as a teacher part-time? Let me do a research project on the side. Oh, and volunteer here and there and work on a creative project because my hands need […]

  • My First Halloween

    So, here’s the thing: I have never celebrated Halloween. Where I’m from, we don’t celebrate Halloween. What we have is Sint Maarten, a celebration on the 11th of November where kids make lanterns and go by houses to sing songs and receive candy. And so, I celebrated my first Halloween this year. I must admit […]

  • Wayfinding for Idiots

    When it comes to roads and maps and routes… I’m an idiot. I am absolutely reliant on Google Maps, to the point where I’ve named the Google Maps voice Susan. I call her that because I need something to cuss out when I do the wrong thing and Susan is a good name to cuss […]

  • Introducing… me?

    As I will be one of your tour guides in student life I thought it would be fair to introduce myself to you. Introductions are not my strong suit as I feel like the human experience is so much more complex than the basic “Hi, I’m Sophie, I like reading, crafts, and archery. I study […]

  • Unhinged

    I don’t know what it is, but ever since I came here, I’ve felt a bit unhinged. Maybe you feel it too, like you’re not exactly balanced, that, had you been an actual door, you’d just scrape over the floor a bit. As though if someone decides to put a little more pressure than necessary […]