• Pancake Day!

    Happy Pancake day! Pancake day was traditionally celebrated by Christians, as a way of marking the start of the 40 days of Lent. Pancakes were made to use up animal foods such as eggs and milk, which were considered luxury and therefore given up during the Christian holiday of Lent. But today, pancake day has […]

  • How to be a more sustainable student

      How to be a more sustainable student In 2019, the Times Newspaper ranked the University of Dundee third on their Higher Education University Impact Rankings, due to the university’s commitment to reduce its overall carbon footprint. Did you know that the Dalhousie Building won the 2008 Green Gown Award for Energy and Water Efficiency, […]

  • Procrastination, and how to avoid it.

    Procrastination and how to avoid it. Procrastination – putting off or delaying an important task. We’ve all been there. Putting off an assignment all day until suddenly, it’s already 9pm and all you’ve achieved is binge watch the next 6 episodes of your favourite Netflix show. Distractions are everywhere, and thanks to social media and […]

  • Holocaust Memorial Day

    The 27th of January was International Holocaust Memorial Day, a day dedicated to remembering the 6 million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.   This year, Holocaust Memorial Day marks 75 years since Auschwitz- Birkenau, the largest of the Nazi concentration camps, was liberated by Soviet soldiers in 1945. I had […]

  • Dissertation writing

    If you’re in third or fourth year, you’ve probably started to think (or worry!) about your dissertation. Having to write your own research project is a scary thought! Having just completed my own history dissertation, I’ve learned a lot about the process. The dissertation marking criteria varies a lot depending on which school you are […]

  • Food for thought

    Food for thought. It’s hard to believe that its already week 11 of the semester, and pretty soon we’ll be counting down the days until Christmas! However, while most people will be looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year, us students we will be preparing for the busiest time of the year! […]

  • Disability Service

    Disability Service Before starting university in 2015, one of my biggest concerns was contacting the Disability Service. At school I had been supported due to my diagnosis of ASD, but I was worried about how this support would transfer to university. I was also worried that disclosing my disability would limit my options as a […]

  • Dundee – stay or commute?

    While a lot of students at Dundee University have moved to the city to complete their degree, others, including myself, have chosen to commute to university in a daily basis. As a student in first year, I chose NOT to stay in the halls of residence, and since then, have travelled to Dundee university every […]

  • World Mental Health Day

    Thursday the 10th of October was 2019’s World Mental Health Day. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and in fact, if untreated, many mental health issues can develop into physical health problems. Its okay NOT to be okay, and asking for help is not a weakness. For an array of reasons, we […]

  • Verdant Works

    Verdant Works It’s well known that Dundee is famous for the 3 J’s, Jute, Journalism and Jam! You’ve probably noticed that Dundee has a huge amount of old factory/mill buildings. Many of these lie empty, while others have been converted into hotels, office spaces, and residential flats. As a history student, as part of my […]