• Crunch Time for Undergrads!

    Pound a Redbull, run 5 miles, sit on a green field, or procrastinate up until the wee hours before your exams, because no matter what you do, they are coming. Sure, I could have included some cliche line about “winter is coming”, but I think we’ve Game of Thrones’d out the universe on that one. […]

  • Spring Has Sprung!

    Spring is a glorious time of year.  The trees are flowering, the flowers are blooming. the sheep have welcomed their adorable little lambs, and a million other reasons.  The only downside is allergies, but thanks to a kindly gentleman inventing Benadryl some 70-odd years ago, many of us can now enjoy it without sneezing our […]

  • Time Management Skills

    There is one very important skill you should walk away from university with – actually, you should pick it up in your first year – and that is Time Management. Perhaps it’s because I started working at 16 and spent an odd half-year at college in the States (I began working full-time at 19 and […]

  • Castle on a Cliff: Dunnottar Castle

    Castles!  Who doesn’t love a castle?  There’s so much history (skilled laborers, servants, nobility, events, and all of those stories entwined) involved that it makes my little history-loving heart go all aflutter. Seriously, it is really cool to live in an area that has over 30 castles in a 30-mile radius, quite a few which […]

  • Oh, the Humanities!

    See what I did there?  Fun with puns.  I would apologize, but I really can’t help it. Perhaps it’s my love of literature, my obsession with history, or my desire to understand people in foreign lands when I travel, but I adore the School of Humanities. Also, I’m a total bibliophile.  Books can make me […]

  • Scotland in the Fog: Spooky Stirling

    Forecasting in Scotland is a wee bit like throwing a dart at a board while intoxicated and blind-folded: it’s anybody’s guess what will actually happen which is likely why there’s a relatively famous expression of, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Having looked up the weather for Stirling the morning before I […]

  • A “Foreign” Holiday

    One wouldn’t think there would be many differences between an American Christmas and an English Christmas… one would be wrong. I spent my first Christmas holidays with my partner and his four kids in Nottingham where I was promptly introduced to British Christmas traditions, as well as taking the time to introduce everyone to some […]

  • The End is Nigh!

    Alright, so the end of the first semester and the end of the year are nigh, but you get my drift. Christmas is near; therefore, winter break is near! With the cooling temperatures, the “who turned out the lights?” darkness at 4pm, and finals coming up; do yourselves a favor and breathe!  Walk away from […]

  • Dundee’s Light Nights

    Light Nights marked the finale of the Festival of Architecture 2016 and the beginning of the Christmas Season. Food vendors, craft sellers, and shops open later than normal with the promise of fireworks! Well… the fireworks were a bit of a let down, only because they had to cancel them about a minute into the […]

  • How I Spent My Reading Week: England

    I went down to Jolly Old England and played the roll of tourist! Yes, yes, I know.  I’m in Scotland so why didn’t I travel about this beautiful country on my free week?  Simple, my partner lives in England and this was my chance to officially meet the family and finally visit all those petty places […]