• Back for a short writing

    I thought I would just drop some line as I missed a few weeks out on blogging. I’ve been a bit busy lately, doing studies and revision, working etc. and have not got too much time to spend with the blog. My first exam is coming up in two and a half hours, so I’ve […]

  • Rotary 2

    Rotary Club of Dundee has been so kind to the University that they invited a few international students over their annual lunch for international students and friends to give them/us a view about the Rotarians’ job and about this particular Dundee Rotary Club’s work worlide. Thanks to the University’s International Service division, I had the […]

  • Close to an end

    It’s this time of the semester that feels the busiest so far, when I have my coursework, assessments and exams which are coming up very soon. Although this semester will be a bit shorter than the first one – or I just simply feel it quicker – as I will finish in 2 weeks with […]

  • Rotary Club

    This week’s been a bit longer, at least it felt longer and sluggish for me. As usual, there’s been work, lot of studies, lectures and thanks to the University and Claverhouse Rotary Club, I and 29 other international students had the opportunity to meet each other and meet those organized the Games Night (for those […]

  • Getting organized. Already.

    Deadlines. Assessments. Exams. Deadlines. Leisure. Time. I think, for most of the students of Universities, these are the pivotal point as processing through their/our studies irrespective of which year we are in. For some, who are more experienced, finding the proper balance among these things in order to enjoy life and succeed well at the […]

  • Read…

    …a lot. That’s one thing I’m going to do for a whole week. Our reading week is on its way and will say hello next Monday and will keep saying that for a week. This is an another excellent thing about this Uni. Most of the courses are so organized that they allow you to […]

  • New start

    Due to the strike held by lecturers on the campus, for me this week was shorter by one lecture, unfortunately. The Universities, (not just our Uni) and their lecturers have reached an impasse recently and are seeking for an agreement as to rise wages. Although I cannot tell too much about Thursday’s strike as I […]

  • Cultures

    Clearly, there are several (actually that several is countless) different cultures making this world and the people living in it so diverse. One of this – well known – culture that I would like to mention is the Chinese. On the 31st of January, that is today, the year of the Snake, China’s previous year […]

  • Plunge into studies

    This semester’s modules will be filled with mathematics and analysis, which means that I will finally learn properly (hopefully) these higher mathematic equations and quartiles that we need for the modules. Seriously, it’s just amazing how much we can learn just with attending some lectures, and then making more effort at home to learn what […]

  • Back to normal

    I haven’t written any blogs in the last two weeks and frankly, there was no much things that happened to me over the holiday. And by “no much things” I mean as few things as work and sleep, basically. That’s why I decided to take two weeks off the blog as well, but now “everything […]