• See something new

    The first part of the holiday tour I’ve been planning to go on led me to Perth through a lovely small town called Dunkeld which lies beside the River Tay. Although the sun set very early and left no much sunlight to see the city square in Perth, I found it a cozy and vivid […]

  • Around Christmas

    After working through ten hours today from the morning, I amm sitting in the chair and pondering what to write to the blog. This is the last time that I even have time to do this thinking thing this week, as I will be working a bit more tomorrow, and I might have a lunch […]

  • Making it meaningful

    It always feels good to sleep a bit more and get up at an acceptable time, not at around 6 o’clock in the morning. However, there is no too much time for enjoying the hours spent with the thought of knowing that there is no more exam to prepare for. At least not for a […]

  • Assessing the semester

    As I got over two of my exams I happened to realize the huge difference between the expectations of the Grammar School I used to attend and the Uni…Not that there was not any during the past few months, but it is after these exams that I feel that there is something more that involved […]

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  • Happy December to everyone

    I am facing the first month ever in my life spent alone (at least far away from My family) which is full celebrations, fancy events, foods, family programs beautiful lights etc. December started off and Dundee is getting busy as the celebrations come closer to people. I fancy how the City Square looks like, those […]

  • Getting ready…

    Hi Everyone! It is here… What was so far away from me and from many of us a few months ago is here. The last reading week of this semester starts off tomorrow, leaving only a few days for preparation to the exams. Honestly, I am getting a bit stressful. Despite the fact that I […]

  • Who else likes puzzle?

    I do like puzzles. I fancy how those small pieces add a whole intended picture – a marvellous landscape for instance – if put together, not to mention that so much that can be spent with it. It can be a great activity if you have some spare time. Currently this is the puzzle I […]

  • First exam grade

    Another week is behind me and every other people, but probably not everyone feels that it went by so quickly. This pace of weekdays gets conspicuous at the weekends, when I spend a bit more time in the room with studying, which is a slower process than running to the lectures after getting off the […]

  • Looking forward to Winter Holidays

    The relieved feeling of knowing that both essays were handed in not long ago did not last too long…However, this time the task is not to write essay, but to make linked web-pages that is written in HTML, which is kind of a web-site making process, not the easiest one I have had so far. […]

  • Facing study weeks and exams soon

    The week after reading week back in the Uni was an intense one for me, even though I did not do any other things than studying, mostly. Unfortunately, I had to spend most of my time with studying and revising, and with doing research rather than going out. It looks like it will not even […]