• Postponed plans

    Well, it looks like the reading week nearly came to an end. I must say it seemed to be a very long and quite tedious week. Despite a week worth of free time I had, I have been home mostly. I had some good plans though, other than reading, but those went away at the […]

  • Excuse me for not blogging last week

    Firstly, I would like to apologize for not writing any blog last week. I was going to send one just after the event with the Rector, but then I got occupied with writing a report which is part of the assessment, and I ended up spending my whole weekend with gathering information for the report, […]

  • Busy life in the University

    Less positive thing about living in the suburbs is that I have to travel too much. Far too much. Especially if this suburb is in another city than Dundee. Getting up very early in order to catch a bus means that my hours spent with sleeping are restricted. To meet the self-study requirements for every […]

  • Quick post

    Hello everyone, How are you doing out there? I was nearly scared that the weather was going to stay as low and freezing as it was earlier this week (I think it was on Monday that we had got 3 degrees up here), I am not yet prepared for the cold days mentally. 😀 Anyway, […]

  • Wish I had more time…

    Hi people of Dundee! 🙂 I got quite exhausted, I am sitting in front of my notebook, trying to figure out what to write whilst realizing that another week went by in an instant. My mental power is restricted at this point of the week, though I still want to manage to learn this night. […]

  • One week’s done

    Hello everyone, I hope you all have a fine week behind you, met all of those nice people, course mates you expected and that those who lives in the halls found unison with their flat mates and get along very well with them. I think the events organized and held by DUSA or by the […]

  • First week

    Hi everyone, The welcome week has just started (as you already know), the first class, the lectures only a few days away.I have been around the University earlier today, I checked out the places where I shall be during the matriculation and I was curious about the life there when things are getting busy. It […]

  • Thought to share something…

    Hi everyone, I was keen to post something this weekend. Just few lines… I have been dwelling here nearly for a month, more accurately it was an entire month yesterday.  Furthermore, it was notable day because I have been offered with a job. Luckily, I can start it with the University. I am really looking […]

  • Preparations…

    Hi everyone, I think some of you who has not yet arrived in Dundee – but about to commence their adventure – might need advice about what things should be done. Once you received the unconditional offer of your application – beside the fact that you are very happy – you can start to prepare […]

  • First post as a student blogger

    I am David, 18 years old and I am the very new member of the student blogger’s team. I would like to give you a short introduction of myself. I came from Hungary to join an Undergraduate course at the University of Dundee. I will be studying Business Management which will last for 6 years […]