• Diary of a Postgrad Student – Week 1 done

    Practicum? Sorted! Signed up and started. Dissertation? Rejections from 4 supervisors so far. Still waiting on a response from my preferred supervisor. Ok well it’s technically week 2 on the timetable, but it’s week 1 of ‘normal’ lectures. Don’t worry about keeping up. I’m confused as hell! What is not as confusing is the lectures. […]

  • Diary of a Postgrad student – first ‘proper’ lecture

    Practicum? Probably. Meeting on Thursday to discuss. Watch this space! Dissertation? Rejections from 3 supervisors so far. Waiting on response from 2 others. Trying not to panic So here we are – the first ‘proper’ week of being a Masters student. It was a bit of a chaotic start. I knew I would be in […]

  • Diary of a Postgrad Student – Things I’ve learnt about me

    I have always had, what I refer to as, a front door complex. I like to know where I’m going. Up until a few years ago this was how I coped with being terrified in social situations. I would work out where I was going (including where the front door actually was) so that I […]

  • Diary of a Postgrad student – Induction day

    OVERWHELMED There are no other words for it. Yesterday was a full day induction for my MSc in Psychological Research Methods. The schedule was from 9am until 5pm with a full day of activities. I had also, stupidly, organised to see a new client at 7pm. It was a long day. So the good news […]

  • Diary of a Postgrad student – day 5

    Today was the last day of the Gateway to Postgraduate learning lectures. They have been an excellent introduction. If anyone is planning on starting their postgraduate degree next year, I highly recommend attending these. I have gained insight into what will be required of me in the coming year, but also realised how many of […]


  • Diary of a Postgrad student – day 4

    Today started with having to put oil in my car. It’s amazing how the mundane events in life still continue even when you feel like you are embarking on a major change. I think I’ve worked out where to park on my uni days. There will be a bit of a hike in but not […]

  • Diary of a Postgrad Student – day 3

    The astute amongst you will notice that technically today is day 4. That about sums up Day 3. I was up at 5am and got home at 8pm. On Tuesday (Day 2) I had arranged to do a talk in Broughty Ferry at 7pm. It was a gorgeous evening, and The Ferry (as it’s usually […]

  • Diary of a Postgrad Student – Day 2

    If I had a tail, it would have been wagging a lot today. I attended my first lecture. It was 1 of 4 designed to help Postgrads understand a little bit more of what is involved. As such, there was a whole mix of different courses represented in the room. I loved it. It was […]

  • Diary of a Postgrad Student – Day 1

    Today was the day – matriculation (which sounds like the word you use for chewing food, which in turn sounds like the word you use for something else – ahem) I did mention I was nervous right? Anyway, first order of the day was a Starbucks. I used the time to study the campus map […]

  • Last chance to…

    Well it might not be my last chance, but as I have no timetable until I matriculate, everything is a bit up in the air. I am a full time mental problem solver. This means I help people and individuals get their head out of the way of them being the best they can be. […]