• A day in the life of a civil engineer

  • How civil engineers can save the world?

    Following a recent interview where I needed to present on how geotechnical engineers can be innovative in 2021 and beyond? I started wondering how many civil engineers would it take to change the world and hit net zero targets? A modern twist on the age-old question, how many people does it take to change a […]

  • Centre for Entrepreneurship – Masterclass Science Engineering 2020

    Working as a PR and Marketing officer at the Centre for Entrepreneurship has developed my confidence when speaking to large groups. I used to hate public speaking and avoid it at all costs, but I realised that if I became good at public speaking, or at least confident it would help propel me in the […]

  • Multi-Disciplinary Design – The Fairlie Building

    As part of my final year studying civil engineering at the University of Dundee, I have been taking part in a module ‘Multi-disciplinary Project’. As part of this I have formed a team with three classmates and asked to form a design firm to tackle a proposed project. With that, CASE consulting was formed. Our […]

  • Using recycled plastic kerbing as low-carbon alternative to concrete kerb stones

    As part of my series of blogs on making construction greener I came across a low carbon kerb stone made from recycled plastic. By using recycled materials engineers can both reduce carbon and reduce risk of injury as the products tend to be lighter. Recycled plastic kerbing reduce carbon by 40 per cent when compared […]

  • How has COVID-19 changed the construction industry?

    Currently there are about one million different types of virus in the world. From that, 219 can infect humans and cause disease. This obviously includes coronaviruses. Something everyone will be aware of post 2020. COVID-19 was identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019, by December 2020, it had crossed the globe and infected roughly 20 […]

  • The Community fridge

    Having used the community fridge, I am a massive fan. I was at first hesitant because I wasn’t sure of its purpose and I was convinced it was only for people more needy than myself. If you haven’t heard of it, it is located next to the Tartan Coffee house on Perth Road. After joining […]

  • El Medio Ambiente

    Hola, durante estos dos últimos años he estado aprendiendo español. Usando las aplicaciones llamadas Duolingo y Babbel. Aprender por uno mismo es muy duro y requiere trabajo constante. También he intentado leer los periódicos de España, ver programas y películas con subtítulos enespañol. Además, trato de contar y pensar en español. Sin embargo, pensé que […]

  • Sustainable Construction

    As a socially conscious engineer I have a passion for sustainability. This is something I have had from a young age, where I tried to file a patent for a green energy generating device. As I prepare to move from a student life to a professional one, I want to ensure I end up working […]

  • The Importance of Travelling

    This year, the year of Covid-19, has been an adjustment for everyone. The shift to working from home and (somewhat ironically) the avoidance of unnecessary journeys has given me a chance to reflect and understand just how important travelling was to my personal growth and how important I think it should be to everyone. Firstly, […]