• Third-year Civil Engineering Laboratories

    Civil engineers are normally thought to be designing structures, investigating site’s and even analyzing structures, however, we also have a considerable amount of lab work, we need to understand and use when designing structures. As Dundee has a great geo-mechanics department, I have had the opportunity to take part in two soil laboratories this semester […]

  • Travelling from Dundee

    Dundee is only slightly out of the way when it comes to traveling. The airport offers a flight to London and a couple of remote Scottish airports on private planes. However, Edinburgh airport hosts tons of destinations with very competitive prices. Having got return tickets to Milan for £45.00 and Madrid for £75, it’s too […]

  • Easy ways to save money at University

    University can be expensive, with the cost of textbooks, living and socializing. With the average student funding, not covering the cost of residences in university here are a few tips on how to save money. I work two jobs and university and enjoy socializing with my friends, traveling and eating good food which can be […]

  • University Field Trips

      As a University student, I thought it was unlikely that I would get to go on a field trip, however having completed three years at Dundee, I realize how silly I was to think that. As a civil engineering site, we have visited numerous sites in Dundee, including a school and the train station. […]

  • How to make your ‘uni room’ more homely

    Moving to University can be an exciting time, filled with great new opportunities and experiences. However, if you are coming from a distance working out what to bring can be challenging as it may be a while before you return home. For me, I am from Northern Ireland and I go home one to two […]

  • Exam Season

    For a student, semester one changes from Summer to Exam Session. It is easy to spot, dark cold and wet, the only thing keeping you in the library. The semester is beginning to wind up and student flood to the library, in the hopes of warmth under the pretense of studying. In my third year, […]

  • My road trip around Spain

    The tour began flying from Edinburgh airport to Madrid. Taking full advantage of my 25% student discount code in Yo Sushi. When my friend and I landed, we rented a Fiat 500 Sport from the Gold rental. Our tour began. That evening we drove to Cuenca, staying in a Paradores, a converted monastery with an […]

  • Dundee University China Exchange

              The University of Dundee offers an opportunity for students to take part in a summer school hosted by the Eastern Chinese University of Science and Technology (ECUST). This 8-week program based in Shanghai allows you the amazing opportunity to see not only what Shanghai has to offer but also Nanjing […]

  • Halloween 2018

    Halloween is one of the most anticipated night for students. In Dundee, DUSA holds their annual Halloween party. This year it’s on a Wednesday. However, there is most than DUSA for the student; with clubs hosting rival parties. Dressing up is clearly what makes Halloween. With several fancy dress shops and multiple parcels arriving the […]

  • Taster Session – Center of Entrepreneurship

    On Thursday the 13th the enterprise challenge started. It had its ‘opening ceremony’ the taster session. A fun event aimed to show off the business skills that can be gained from the challenge as well as an opportunity to meet the team and gets chance to visit the centre’s office. It was a busy night, […]