• What to do when the deadlines are coming in hot

    Fresher’s week and September came and went faster than any of us could imagine, and here we are already at reading week! That means we’re halfway through the semester and if you’re one of the lucky ones not yet overwhelmed by many many deadlines, don’t worry, they’ll be coming in soon! And what do you […]

  • How to make the most out of uni

    These years you are spending studying at university as a student are unique to any other aspect you have encountered in your life so far and will be nothing like what you will ever experience. You have such unlimited freedom at the same time as being restricted by deadlines and lectures. But your university years […]

  • The hard truths about being a university student

    Starting a completely new time of your life by becoming a university student is one of the greatest moments in your life so far! All the excitement and expectations of what your next 3-4 years are going to be like, the friendships you’ll make, the lovers you’ll meet and of course the degree you hopefully […]