• A few of my favourite things

    As my undergraduate is slowly coming to an end, its hard not to be nostalgic thinking about the last 4 years. Especially with corona making it difficult to make exciting memories in my last year, it’s crazy to think about how fast the time has gone by. Thinking about the Lizzie who arrived in Dundee […]

  • My top 5 dissertation writing tips

    I can’t really fathom that after 4 years in Dundee, I nearly done. I still remember my first day it as if it was yesterday, arriving in Dundee filled with excitement and anticipation for what the ext 4 years would bring. Now I’ve nearly made it, the end-line is within reach and although graduation is […]

  • My top 5 binge-worthy TV-series

    Whether I like to admit it or not, I tend to spend a lot of time binge-watching TV-series next to studying. Whether it be to off-load from heavy reading or procrastinate from my dissertation, I usually have a to-go-to program to watch, and these are the five I circle back to again and again. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. […]

  • Reflections from restarting and leading a society in my first year.

    I remember going around the freshers fair my first year at uni: everything was exciting and nerve-wracking, signing up for every society, give-it-a-gos and somehow thinking I’d be able to do everything next to my studies. I think that is a good attitude to enter with, our uni experience really should be the time for […]

  • How I’ve spend 10 days in quarantine

    For the first time since starting university abroad, coming back to Dundee was such a struggle. Flights kept getting cancelled and restrictions were tightened. But at least I made before a 10-day obligatory hotel quarantine, instead Ive done that in my flat. However, 10 days spend in isolation is not exactly an ideal environment for […]

  • How to take care of your mental health during lockdown

    As part of Dundee Triathlon Society Graps the Day charity which you can read about and donate to here I thought I would write a few advice to take care of our metal health. During lockdown and wintertime I think it’s something we all could use some help with! These are the things that work […]

  • Everything 2020 taught me

    We’re well into a new year with January already almost at it’s end. I think it’s safe to say that so far it hasn’t been the new, clean slate we all hoped for. 2020 wasn’t necessarily ‘the best year ever’ with many of our plans going down the drain and in general most of the […]

  • How to get into the Christmas spirit

    Christmas is slowly (or should I say quickly) approaching although as a student caught up in the middle-of-semester-stress I think it often catches you by surprise when we’re suddenly in December, and before we know it deadlines are over and we realise we haven’t done anything Christmassy yet. I often end up buying presents last […]

  • Hiking Ben Lawers and Beinn Ghlas

    Since arriving in Dundee about 3 years ago I’ve managed to go on quite a few hill walks and Ive bagged about 4 munroes. Now, at my last year in Scotland, Im hoping to get a few more in the bag before I leave. Last Saturday I managed to get two in one go: Ben […]

  • Why we reinvent outselves at uni

    New beginnings can often aspire new ideas and boldness. I mean, there’s a reason why New Years Resolutions are such a big thing. For some reason it just seems easier to make life-changing changes when something mayor is going on around us too. But it can also be a very difficult and hard thing to […]