• 9 productive things to do while social distancing

    With most of our courses being online, social distancing and in general life being quite hard for us students, it might be hard figuring out what one can actually do in their free time next to uni. Especially as its getting so cold, rainy and dark outside.  If you’re usually a busy student (like me), […]

  • The best takeaway places in Dundee

    As its getting harder making it to dinner before the restaurants close and too cold to sit outside, I’m here to share with you the best places to get takeaway in Dundee (and support our local business at the same time) They all offer both vegan and vegetarian options too. We might not have a […]

  • The hidden gems of Dundee

    Let’s be honest, it seems harder and harder finding things to do in Dundee. Some students are isolating and for now we aren’t even allowed to go for a pint or a meal out. So I wanted to share with you some of the hidden gem of Dundee that hopefully give you an idea or […]

  • 4 beginner friendly meals for students!

    Starting uni and never cooked a meal before? Do not worry, you do not have to rely on takeaway and fast food, there are plenty of easy, beginner-friendly meals for you to try! I’ve here found 4 easy, cheap, and delicious dishes for you to cook for dinner, tonight! A Stir Fry. In my opinion, a […]

  • Going green?

    6 easy tips for making your summer life greener! If you’ve ever thought to yourself that it is about time to start living a more sustainable life, here are 6 easy steps for you to start doing so this summer! Going green can reduce your expenses and lead to a healthier lifestyle for you, your […]

  • My lockdown reading list

    If you’re like me and used to be such an avid reader before starting uni, this post is for you. I used to go through book after book in no time. Reading 5 novels within a week? No problem. This changed quite a bit, however, when I started university. When reading so much daily, not […]

  • Why grades aren’t everything

    Many students are right now studying hard in order to give their very best in final exams and essays. When our entire lives revolve around student life it’s easy to get caught up in the world of reading, writing, and of course, the grades. If we’re close to graduating the pressure we feel from ourselves […]

  • How to improve your linkedin page for summer internships

    Even though it can be difficult to see what the summer prospects will turn out to be this summer, there are still lots of opportunities to work and improve the little things from home you never managed to find time to do before. This could be relearning languages long forgotten, rewriting your CV, try out […]

  • Choosing your dissertation topic

    Our last essays have been handed in, exams are soon over and it seems as if this is going to be our longest summer ever (thanks corona). But as a third-year student, we still have one little assignment yet: dissertation topic! Which to be honest has been kiiiinda hard and frustrating to figure out when […]

  • Get involved with Dusa Media!

    As the year has come to an end and the final issue of the Magdalen has been released, I wanted to talk about getting involved with DUSA media’s as they’ve just opened for applications for the following year!  I’ve been writing for the magdalen magazine since my first year at uni, working as the creative […]