• The importance of exercise

    It is very strange how quickly everything has changed: from going about my day, going to work, uni, gym, walks, to suddenly rushing for home while leaving everything back in what quickly felt like a ghost town. I usually like being able to mentally prepare for the next steps I plan, but in this case, […]

  • Finding faith in the midst of fear

    As my friend expressed it the other day “It’s so odd being a part of something that will be a part of the history books of the future!” It is indeed an interesting time to be alive in today, and with all the uncertainty and fear going around, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I find […]

  • Equality, not superiority: What it means to be a Feminist

    Feminism is a term we are all familiar with. It is the word we use to perceive equality, to give women a voice and to make the world listen. It is a word we should be proud to use, a word with meaning. Or, that is what feminism is supposed to be about, that is […]

  • How to handle stress at uni

    It’s that time of the semester again: while trying to balance a social life, a job, exercising and keeping up with uni you somehow suddenly got way behind all uni work and the stress is about to kick in. If you’re one of the lucky ones with tutor’s striking or a reading week coming up […]

  • How to start the new decade right

    Here we are folks, at the beginning of yet another year. The special thing this time around however, is that it is the beginning of a whole new decade too! You’ve probably seen a lot of the ‘new year, new me’ posts all over the place since January 1st. Perhaps youre just like me and […]

  • What I learned during my internship with Luath Press

    Since my first internship ever in the publishing industry last semester, I have been quite keen on getting more experience and knowledge within the industry. Therefore I was thrilled to get a week-long internship with the book publishing company Luath Press. To be honest I didn’t know that much about how a book publishing office works. […]

  • Leaving home to go home: Thoughts From a Foreign Student

    For some reason, this take me by surprise every single year: Christmas. I don’t know what it is about the fall semester, but it seems to be flying by at the blink of an eye. Just as we’re all caught up in deadlines, exams and getting used to the days getting so much shorter, it […]

  • What to do when the deadlines are coming in hot

    Fresher’s week and September came and went faster than any of us could imagine, and here we are already at reading week! That means we’re halfway through the semester and if you’re one of the lucky ones not yet overwhelmed by many many deadlines, don’t worry, they’ll be coming in soon! And what do you […]

  • How to make the most out of uni

    These years you are spending studying at university as a student are unique to any other aspect you have encountered in your life so far and will be nothing like what you will ever experience. You have such unlimited freedom at the same time as being restricted by deadlines and lectures. But your university years […]

  • The hard truths about being a university student

    Starting a completely new time of your life by becoming a university student is one of the greatest moments in your life so far! All the excitement and expectations of what your next 3-4 years are going to be like, the friendships you’ll make, the lovers you’ll meet and of course the degree you hopefully […]