• Some Things I’ve Learnt from Counselling

    Counselling has helped me so much on a personal level, but it’s also taught me a great deal. These are some of the more general pieces of advice I have received, and hopefully, they might help some of you too. 1. The longer you avoid doing something you’re scared of, the harder it is to […]

  • Some Ways to Watch TV without Paying a Subscription Fee

    Now that we’re all being forced to spend a lot more time indoors due to both the weather and the pandemic situation, it could be very easy to run out of things to watch. So why not try something new? Here are some of the things I recommend that you can watch for free. The […]

  • An Abstract Conversation about Mental Health

    Mental health. Now that we’ve all been plunged into another lockdown, it’s being mentioned a lot. Whether it be TV campaigns encouraging you to reach out to each other, or your tutors reminding you to look after yourselves, it’s impossible to avoid. So I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about mental health in […]

  • Studying Architecture – my Favourite Projects so far

    Is this just a way to shamelessly promote my work? Maybe. But if you’re thinking of studying architecture, or if you’ve already started studying it, this could give you a clue as to what might be to come. Year 1 – Shelter Space, Form and Structure For this project, we had to design a shelter […]

  • Resitting a Year – Semester 1

    This year I’m resitting 3rd-year architecture, which obviously wasn’t something I had planned to happen. When I found out I’d failed last year I was understandably devastated, but now it’s almost the end of the first semester, I can’t help but feel like maybe there are more good things to come out of it than […]

  • How to Make a Snowflake Christmas Decoration

    Fold a square piece of paper into 8, as shown in the picture below. 2. Round off the edges so that the folded sides are the same length. (A = B) 3. Cut your design into the paper, and unfold it. (You could stop at this stage if you just want paper decorations.) 4. Attach […]

  • 10 Songs to Help Keep You Motivated

    At this time of year, when Christmas is fast approaching, it can be hard to stay motivated and focused on your work. So these are 10 songs that keep me going, and maybe they can keep you motivated too. Bring It All Back – S Club 7 “Things are sent to try you, but your […]

  • Some Things Not to Say to Someone with Anxiety

    The thing about anxiety is it affects people in different ways. Something one person finds easy, another may find impossible. You might think someone seems confident, but in fact, they are suffering behind the scenes. Because of this, you might end up triggering someone with anxiety without realising. Some of the sentences listed below are […]

  • How to have a Productive Saturday

    With the way the world is at the minute, sometimes it can be hard to fill your days. When you have a free day, it is very easy to just stick Netflix on and stay in bed. However, there are a few things you can do that will make you feel better, physically and mentally. […]

  • Loneliness

    When I moved to Dundee, like many people, it was the first time I’d been truly alone in my entire life. I was used to having my family there, and I’d been in the same friendship group since nursery. But did the thought of being alone scare me? Nope. I was excited. I’ve always been […]