• Deadlines and new library!

    Ack ,so my SSC and my case discussions are due in next week, as well as my next formative the following week… needless to say it’s been very busy here. But the new Ninewells library has been opened! It’s all shiny and new, and I even did a bit of work in it today. The […]

  • Snoooowwww

    Apologies for the lack of updates – cardiovascular is turning out to be a very busy unit, with a lot of online modules to complete. Anyway, I was just posting this to say I am in the process of flat searching (more on this when I have viewed more flats, but in the mean time […]

  • To do list for semester two

      Hi again! I’m nearly two weeks into the cardiovascular block now, and the medical school is certainly not letting us slack off. I’ve had several online modules to complete, not to mention a patient history to write up and my SSC to get some work done on. Plus we recently found out about a […]

  • Happy Hogmanay!

    It’s here! Term has started again! I haven’t set any solid resolutions – do the dishes more and get some craft projects finished are the only ones I can think of right now, but I’m sure I’ll add to that. I hope all of you had a lovely christmas holiday (and if you were studying for […]

  • Christmas holidays and the end of term

    My respiratory block is over, thank goodness! I enjoyed it very much, but I was definitely looking towards the holidays, and it’s awesome being back in Glasgow. There’s still lots of work to do over the holidays (including my SSC – my project over the year – and a few lectures I still need to […]


  • Birmingham visit and silly things Fiona does when she’s ill

    As the title suggests, I unfortunately have been ill over the past few days (I probably gave myself food poisoning or something stupid, so no sympathy for me). The net result of this is that I managed to lose my wallet sometime over the weekend, and now have loads of work to catch up on. […]

  • So it’s been a while…

    Hello again! Sorry it’s been so long since I last blogged – my first exam was at the end of october, and I’ve been a little busy since then. Halloween has come and gone (my favorite holiday!), we’ve started our first block of systems teaching and sadly a friend of mine on the medicine course has decided […]

  • Busy days!

    Not only is it the run up to my first exam, but it was my birthday last week, so I’ve been rushed off my feet! I went back home for the first time since starting university this weekend, and I never realised how much I missed Glasgow until I was in it – Glasgow is dirtier […]

  • Fresher’s Week summary and a quick update

    Hi everyone! I’d have had this up on monday or tuesday, but this weekend I was back with my family to have a end-of-chemo party for a friend, and didn’t get much work done because the internet was down – I suffered for it this week. 😛 It was nice going home, though – I loved seeing everyone again, and as a bonus didn’t […]

  • A Guide to Writing Personal Statements

    Hello again – afraid I’m a little bit late in updating, but I was watching TV with room mates last night and could only get the plan for this typed up. Anyway, instead of telling you about my time at university (though that is the main function of this blog), I’m going to be giving […]