• Monday

    I’m sure the word Monday is filled with a lot of negative connotations for most people. The start of the week back at uni, filled with 9am starts, long days and a lot of hard work. Being able to relax on a Friday night seems so far out of sight when you’re walking to your […]

  • Thinking About Studying Abroad?

    I am currently on track to be studying abroad next semester in Perth, Western Australia and I wanted to give a small overview about how I have found the application process for anyone thinking of applying too! This may not be generalisable to other host institutions but I’ll try my best. I applied to study […]

  • Discovering Dundee

    Coming to Dundee University from Yorkshire, I didn’t really know anything at all about the city or what there was to do. So, after a year of exploring, here’s what I’ve found and what I would recommend: Dundee Contemporary Arts. This wee gallery on Perth Road has frequent new exhibitions (often free!) along with workshops […]

  • In Lieu of World Mental Health Awareness Day

    In lieu of World Mental Health Awareness Day which – was this past Thursday – I thought today would be an apt time to share my experience of mental health during university, in the hope that this might help at least one person to reach out and ask for help if they are needing it. […]