• Creative Cooking Society

    With the new module running and final thesis handed out- on which I’ll be working on for the next 6-7 months, all the students are suggested to set-up a personal blog which could be used as a portfolio. The idea is to reflect on things you experience everyday or just a record of your work […]

  • Scotland – England – Scotland

    Its so nice to be finally back to Dundee, I know I haven’t been away for long but to be honest- I’ve missed Dundee. My last week started off in Dundee with few group meetings for our present module ‘Strategic Design Thinking’ and a workshop and then another workshop in Glasgow. By mid-week I was […]

  • City of Culture – Dundee

    Following Dundee’s failed bid to become UK’s city of culture 2017, there has been a mixed response by the local people and people from around UK. Dundee loosing out to Hull was a slight surprise to most but then it makes sense that Hull needs that economic boost and to expand and grow and obviously […]

  • Rows of lighted lamps

    ‘Diwali’ meaning ‘Rows of lighted lamps’ is the most well known Hindu festival celebrated in India and amongst the Hindu communities all over the world, it’s also known as ‘The festival of lights’. It celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Different parts of south-east Asia has it’s […]

  • The German Magnet

    This week started off with our first briefing for a field research trip in Pitlochry. A place I would highly recommend to everyone who’s interested in country side, hiking, walking, fishing, nature or if you’re into old towns. The last time I went there was to watch Highland games which was fun but this time […]

  • The Five K’s

    Hans, Why do you wear a turban? Does the colour of your turban represent something? How do you wear it? It’s interesting how a lot of people are curious to know about my religion. Since the day I have moved to Dundee, people have asked me about my turban, which obviously led us to talk […]

  • Things I would like to blame for my absence

    Ceilidh dancing, Pitlochry Highland games, a lot of pot luck, workshops in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 9-5 lectures and AcroYoga- I would blame all these things for my absence from the blog… Apologies! 😀 Orientation week started off good with meeting my new tutors, course mates and people from around the campus. Surprisingly I haven’t been […]

  • The city of “Jute, Jam and Journalism”

    Quarter past nine in the morning, totally hungover, I dragged myself out of the bed thinking it was a bad idea to go out last night especially when we have Principal’s welcome speech the next morning. Not being able to function properly, I forced myself to get ready and was there fifteen minutes late. To […]

  • Anybody else hates packing?

    I do! Doesn’t matter if I’m travelling to another country on a holiday or just to the other end of the country, I don’t like packing. Probably because I’m not sure on what to take or even how to pack. I wish I had one of those powers where you swing a wand or just […]

  • Namaste

    Namaste or Hello! I’m Hans and I’m from India. Okay… Before you start to wonder, ‘Hmm it’s strange for an Indian guy to have a German name’, let me tell you folks, my full name is Hanshuman Jeet Tuteja and my friends (here, of course) find it pretty difficult to pronounce it correctly… or even […]