• 5 months in Singapore – University life

      Picking up where I last finished: starting classes at NUS halfway through August. Looking back this was probably the calmest part of the whole exchange. From the end of September onwards the weeks were a continuous blur of exams, traveling, visitors from home, more exams and more traveling. But let’s talk about the study […]

  • 5 months in Singapore: The beginning

    Writing this blog swaddled in my sleeping bag, which has become my best friend since returning to Dundee. Last semester I was in Singapore, and while I had great intentions of weekly blogging, going on an exchange tends to fill up your time pretty effectively. However, now that I’m back I thought it might be […]

  • Good morning, good night

      Hello from my timezone to yours. It is currently morning on this side and I’ve just said good night to my friend in Europe, who was preparing to go back to Dundee after a long summer. Don’t feel too sorry for yourself that it’s coming to an end – my semester started three weeks ago. […]

  • Train tripping: what you should do this weekend

      What is up with this month? Where have all the past 23 days gone? I remember January lasting for what felt like half a year, then at some point February began and went by in a sneeze (kind of literally because everybody seems to have a cold). But it’s over! The days are getting longer, […]

  • Why on Earth would you study in Scotland?

    “But… WHY?” two Dutch students who were in Dundee on an Erasmus exchange asked me last semester. We were talking about living in Scotland, and while they were enjoying themselves they thought 3 months was plenty of time on this side of the sea and wondered what possessed me to come to Scotland when I […]

  • Day in the Life: Follow the Fresher

    7.30am. My alarm goes off, and compared to the 4am wake-up from yesterday to go for a sunrise surf (there were no waves, but top marks for dedication right?) this is a very calm start of the day. The rising sun turns my room orange. I get up to make porridge with blueberries and eat […]

  • MacLaren on a Munro

    You know that feeling when the mountains are calling and you want to get up at 5 on a Saturday morning to scramble up the side of a mountain through the bog and freeze your fingers off while eating lunch sitting on some frozen stone? No? Just me then? Mountains are magical. I realise they’re […]

  • Beach Bums

      Once upon a time, my parents moved from our beloved home city of Delft to a town nestled behind the Dutch dunes to be closer to the beach, and I despised the beach for about a year because it was windy and sandy and not home. But at some point a shift occurred and […]

  • Week 1 in Dundee: Life on the other side of the North Sea

    In what feels like the blink of an eye, Freshers’ week has passed, and real university life has officially kicked off with days full of workshops and lab practicals. Here are some thoughts on the first week. I came to the university with no expectations, but to be fair I was a bit apprehensive about […]