• 2017-review so far

    We’re closing up on April, and the end of my Dundee-exchange is just around the corner (okay, it’s still 4 months away, but time flies. After getting this great idea from Courtney (read her post here) I decided to take a look at my year so far.   January 9.-16. After a lovely Christmas back […]

  • How to do Roadtrips in Scotland

    … find yourself a sunny weekend, some good friends and a car. This weekend, I finally got to experience some of Scotland’s most beautiful places. I had some friends visiting from home, so we decided to rent a car for a couple of days and drive to a some of the must see-places here north. […]

  • Volunteering in Dundee

    Hi there! In freshers week last September, I met different representatives for volunteer centers in Dundee at the Campus Green outside of DUSA. Right away I felt like I wouldn’t have the time for volunteer work this year and told myself I would get back to it later. As we know time flies, I felt […]

  • The best way to explore Scotland

    How to sit in and study when the weather is as nice as it’s been lately? No idea. Can’t do it. A friend and I decided to take our bikes (thanks Martin) and go exploring in the areas around Dundee. After a quick look at the map we decided on Arbroath just about 19 miles […]

  • When Dundee really is the sunniest city in Scotland

    Hi there! I’ve had a few friends visiting from back home this last week and I was so pleased to see that the sun greeted them for a couple of days while they were here. It’s February, it’s winter, and naturally they were expecting some minus degree-numbers on the Snapchat-filter, but February in Dundee surprisingly […]

  • Feel Like Having a Snowstorm-Sunday in Scotland

    The Norwegian in me can’t make sense of a February without a meter of snow blocking my front door, and without doing weekly legdays outside trying to get to the bus stop. But no matter how refreshing it is to experience a non-snow winter, I still miss the sight of the beautiful white mountains. Luckily, […]

  • Visit one of Scotland’s finest treasures

    Long time no see! Since last post I’ve been back in snowy Norway and also been on this amazing trip to Morocco with the surf club (if you’re looking for a sport club to join, I just want to mention that they go every year and hello – it’s surfing). Anyway, as soon as I […]

  • I’m going to miss this view

    It might seem as if I’m done with my exams and have Christmas break. On the contrary, I have one of my exams in 1 hour – and another one on Tuesday. But Christmas break is not far away, and I just went through some of my photos, thinking that I would miss Dundee and […]

  • How to survive the exam period

    To all of you out there still day-dreaming about Christmas break… It’s exam period, you (I) forget how it’s like to have a life, you (I) update my home address to ’University Library’ and you (I) can’t find any valid reason for paying someone to let me do exams. You (I) look through out Facebook-news […]

  • All I want for Christmas is more Christmas markets

    Hi there! Yesterday was a great day to be an exchange student at University of Dundee. As mentioned in an earlier post, one of the perks of being in Dundee, is that it’s close to everything. Christmas does something to me, and so far I’ve been to four Christmas markets in November. First one in […]