• Assessments, Exams and Other Fun Things

    Once again I failed as a blogger, I think I am probably in the running for the title of the worst blogger by now. Past few weeks have been a bit hectic and I don’t mean fun hectic. I wasn’t being very sociable, in fact I barely left my room since Halloween. Partially that is […]

  • Halloween

    I have to apologize first. This post has nothing to do with academia, again, just my obsessive love for Halloween.  I mean what’s not to love? It’s like Christmas, minus the drunk relatives having the same argument year after year. I usually start planning my costume way ahead of time and get carried away in […]


  • Reading Week

    I am aware that the reading week finished almost a week ago. Yet, here I am talking about reading week. There is an explanation behind this, I promise! Basically, I started this post some 10 days ago but never actually got a chance to finish it. I got a really nasty cold just before the […]


  • Good Morning!

    I was convinced I missed a week of blogging, then I checked and realised I didn’t write a post in almost 4 weeks! My apologies for that! I have no explanation as to where did my 3 missing weeks go!   I have to say though that for the past 2 weeks I’ve been extremely […]

  • Time is a fickle friend

    I’ve been planning on writing this post since Saturday, alas I failed. I’m really starting to hate myself for putting it off for so long, so I’m not going to bed until I finish it!   As I said before classes are well underway and I have to say (regardless of how geekish I’ll sound) […]

  • First week

    Hi guys, I’ve been planning to write this post for a few days now but things just kept popping up.  It’s been a very eventful week. As you will soon notice, I will completely ignore Freshers’ week because if you’re here you know how it is and if you’re not here you should really find […]

  • Lost duckling

    It’s been a while since my last post. Probably around 10 days, maybe more. 10 incredibly busy and crazy days. I thought moving abroad would be easier second time around, I was wrong! I’ve been running around in circles, completely lost. I’ve also developed a technique that worked rather well so far it’s called „They […]

  • Packing Guide

    I promised to post a packing guide so with about 10 days to go here it goes! I hope someone will find this helpful. 🙂 First and probably the most important thing is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Leaving packing for the last day is a very bad idea. Trust me I know, I’ve done it before […]

  • Hello everyone!

    As you might already know my name is Ivana, I’m from Croatia and I’m about to start LLB Law degree. What you probably don’t know is that I’m 27 years old. I’m only mentioning my age because it is connected to one of my concerns which I will discuss later on, but let me first […]