• Environmental Impacts of COVID-19 and Global Lockdown

      As many of us are aware and concerned for the environment around us, climate change is happening all over the world. There is at least one positive the pandemic has brought us – and that is the rest and relief our planet has had from constant pollution due to human activity.   Positive, indirect […]

  • Post-Exam Activities

    It has been a couple of weeks since my last exam of the year, a day I long waited for. Since then, I promised to keep myself busy and to have fun with the time I had off. I had prepared a list of things to do once I was finished studying, and I can […]


  • Exercise Ideas in Lockdown

    When it comes to workouts and exercise, I have always been a gym goer as I find it so much easier in so many ways. I didn’t need to think hard on it, I would just go. I had a routine that after many years became very easy for me.   As the situation progressed […]


  • Local Walking Paths for an Easy adventure

      Some days you may just need some fresh air, or some time to clear your head with a bit of light exercise and fun. Within your reach, there plenty small paths to get walking on for a wee day out or even just a few hours for a break within the university daily life. […]

  • Civil Engineering in 3rd World Countries

      I have always wanted to get involved in working abroad and helping others that are less fortunate. This was where my interest in Civil Engineering lay. I looked up many NGO’s and charitable foundations which get involved abroad helping to develop communities and provide those with basic facilities which you and I may take […]

  • Summer Travel Ideas and Tips!

    For those of you who, like me, love to plan summer in advance so there is a great holiday to look forward to, I would like to give some ideas and tips to find your perfect get away. Planning in Advance Planning in advance can be great to grab some amazing deals and see where […]

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  • TARGETJobs Future Female Engineers Event

    I had heard about the Future Female Engineering event from several fellow female engineers in University who had previously attended. My friend applied and suggested I did too and I am glad I did. The event was really inspiring and empowering to see so many women with similar goals in the industry. The Application Process […]

  • Being in Dundee Vs Being Home

    So many people seem to struggle with either being in Dundee or going home. A lot of us, including myself, become obsessed with the idea of how much more relaxed we will be when we finally get to go home for the holiday, but once we are there, we cannot wait to get back to […]

  • 4th Year in Civil Engineering, and what we do!

    Semester 1 is nearing the end, and it has been a busy one! Time flies when you are having “fun”? I can’t say the whole semester has been great, but it has been one of my best ones in terms of satisfaction with my course. I am here to tell you why! Previously, I was […]

  • The Usefulness of LinkedIn

    I got LinkedIn in the first year of University and never really knew what to do with it. My profile sat empty for a long time and I realized I needed to recall experiences and achievements I was proud of. It started with the small stuff. Implementing my high school education and what I got […]