• Sustainable Living

    There has become a major trend for innovation and new, exciting products. I myself am fully behind innovation and development for the planet and for us who live with challenges that can be helped with new technologies. While some of this is good, it has also has its drawbacks. Due to fast-pace change, companies strive […]

  • Psychology of a Building

    Psychology of a Building A recent module of mine (my Multi-Disciplinary Project) introduced me to the idea of the psychology of a building: how a building makes you feel; how it creates a certain atmosphere; how it influences social constructs. It intrigued me since I always have had an interest in psychology, I never thought […]

  • My Journey Learning the Guitar: plus hints & tips!

    I thought for my next blog, I would share a little information of a personal hobby of mine. Playing the Guitar I started playing the guitar when I was around 12/13 years old. In the beginning, I used my Dad’s old 6 string, Yamaha acoustic guitar that was, and still is, older than me! My […]

  • Become a STEM Ambassador and Volunteer!

    STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from a wide range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related jobs and disciplines across the UK. You can become a STEM Ambassador and volunteer your time and knowledge to encourage young students to follow career paths in STEM related fields. I volunteered to be a STEM Ambassador a few […]

  • MEng Year in Civil Engineering

    Hi everyone! I have written about some of my experiences I have had over the years in my Civil Engineering degree. I thought I would follow this up to give you a rounded view of the end zone to the degree. After developing skills through the previous modules from the previous years, some of these […]

  • Autumn in Blairgowrie

    First of all, welcome back! Although leaves are falling and it marks the end of a long summer, it is the beginning of a new and interesting year at University. After my first week back, I took a trip to Blairgowrie to enjoy the colours of Autumn! I highly recommend it for everyone. Here is […]


  • Environmental Impacts of COVID-19 and Global Lockdown

      As many of us are aware and concerned for the environment around us, climate change is happening all over the world. There is at least one positive the pandemic has brought us – and that is the rest and relief our planet has had from constant pollution due to human activity.   Positive, indirect […]

  • Post-Exam Activities

    It has been a couple of weeks since my last exam of the year, a day I long waited for. Since then, I promised to keep myself busy and to have fun with the time I had off. I had prepared a list of things to do once I was finished studying, and I can […]


  • Exercise Ideas in Lockdown

    When it comes to workouts and exercise, I have always been a gym goer as I find it so much easier in so many ways. I didn’t need to think hard on it, I would just go. I had a routine that after many years became very easy for me.   As the situation progressed […]


  • Local Walking Paths for an Easy adventure

      Some days you may just need some fresh air, or some time to clear your head with a bit of light exercise and fun. Within your reach, there plenty small paths to get walking on for a wee day out or even just a few hours for a break within the university daily life. […]