• Unlocking Creativity Pt.2

    Second take on how to have fun while practicing social distancing, this time focusing on music making!

  • Discovering New Music

    While I am getting tons unsolicited emails about how “we live in strange times” and how their business is the most responsible out there, let’s focus on something else about our times: We live in the best age for music, period. Here’s to a quest to broaden musical horizons!

  • Unlocking Creativity Pt.1

    Ideas on how to have fun while practicing social distancing by taking on picture-making.

  • Surviving the Lockdown

    In my previous post, I mentioned that we are facing many changes at the moment. Indeed, things are escalating quickly into anxious times. It can be challenging to navigate through, so here are a few tips on how to survive the lockdown:

  • Facing Changes

    At the beginning of the week, any face to face teaching ended. Facilities shortly followed. The last standing, the main library, fell down yesterday. So did the pubs. Suddenly, some people sound like a record from Ministry: “The party’s over brothers and sisters, It’s the end of mankind as we know it” — I get […]

  • Hidden Dundee

    Everyone’s talking about the city centre and the Law. Yet there are loads of other gems worth checking. This post is about a few of my favorite spots that not many students know about:

  • Revisiting the Lakes

    Making an MTB loop on Skiddaw, a mountain in the northern Lake District.

  • Behind the scenes of art-making

    My previous posts on this blog were focused on student experience, opportunities, and services offered by the university. I never wrote about the actual work that I’ve been involved in. Time has come to change it; here’s an insight into the latest artwork I made.

  • Road Tripping Scottish Castles

    Making a loop around some of the magnificent old structures of northeast Scotland.

  • Stellar Fun

    Notorious long winter evenings can bring miserable dark times. But they also open otherwise unseen beauty. All that’s needed is to be at the right time in the right place: one of them is Dundee’s Mills Observatory.