• Thanks for The Coffee

    Adina yawned at me the other morning, and questioned why our entire first batch of deadlines occurred within the space of two weeks. Clutching a coffee and feeling equally deprived of sleep; I saw that she had a valid point. For weeks we have had only lectures, tutorials, and the expected abundance of reading. Now, […]

  • Time to Get Stuck In

    I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. Certainly not the unrealistic kind that appear as promises after too many drinks the night before, and everything is still painfully fuzzy and out of focus. You know the type: “I will never drink like that again/I’m joining the gym tomorrow/this is my last cigarette… ever!” To me, […]

  • These Are The Days

    It has been a chaotic period since my last post…before Christmas. Tumultuous even. In between the overseas family dramas of housing and teenage pregnancy, and the inconvenience of burst pipes and broken boilers at home (It never happens in the summer, does it?), I have managed to weather Dickensian moments, start the new semester slightly […]